Enlightenment and Buddha nature (Alaya vijnana, Tathagatagarbha, the eighth vijnana)

© Anonymous comments to “True wisdom of Buddism from posts of ShalomTzeng (Ver.2)”, July 19, 2011

The Buddha nature (also known as Alaya vijnana, Tathagatagarbha, the eighth vijnana, etc.) is the core of all existence; this is also the exact approach what Buddhism expounds. Yet, knowing and believing the truth without actual “enlightenment” would at most achieve merely the highest level of the Liberation-Way (arhat fruition).

In other words, a Buddhist practitioner has to initially witness the Buddha nature (enlightenment) in person, then he or she is positively set foot on the right path to Buddhahood, since then his or her true prajna (supra-mundane wisdom) would be gradually brought forth. Prior to a Buddhist’s enlightenment, all sorts of correct cultivation efforts are meant for the preparatory practice, e.g. six paramitas, four noble truths, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important for all Buddhists to foster correct comprehension of the middle-way view prajna. Otherwise, how could anyone get “enlightened” if one doesn’t even know the characteristic of the Buddha nature?

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