Occult force and sexual abuse by lamas: Ole Nydahl as an example

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Tantric sex is the essence of Tibetan Buddhism. The lamas think they could achieve enlightenment via having sex with women. Therefore, the lamas have to make love with women every day. Therefore, the lamas have to eat meat to gain energy for having sex which violates the Buddhist precepts.

Neither Western nor Eastern lamas are real Buddhists. The Couple-Practice exists in Tibetan Buddhism, but never in orthodox Buddhism. The Western people still think Tibetan Buddhism is one sect of Buddhism and tantric sex is one part of the Buddhist teachings. This is wrong. These wrong thoughts make/are making the clarification difficult that the sexual abuses are the results of Lamaistic teachings and the criminal lamas are not bad apples.

The German bloger Marte-Micaela Riepe is threatend to take down reports of being sexual abused by Lama Ole Nydahl (Please see: Occult force by Ole Nydahl and the so-called Karmapa Trinley Thayethe, http://marte-micaela-riepe.blogspot.com/2012/05/okkulte-gewalt.html). Before the Google Team did this, the team workers have to read the reports/evidences below:

Shamar Rinpoche: An Answer to Questions Raised about Bodhi Path and Lama Ole Nydahl

- Whenever Lama Ole visited me, he always talked to me about how wonderful it is that he learned all about tantric union practice from Kalu Rinpoche and Tenga Rinpoche. He thought it was just marvelous. Even though I couldn't understand English and he could not yet speak much Tibetan, I understood words like "dewa chenpo" (= great bliss) and "yabyum" ("male/female", the term for deities in union and union practice), which he would say while crossing his arms in front of his chest in the mudra of union. Then he would hug Hannah at the same time. In that way he combined the hippie lifestyle with tantric conduct.

Lama Ole came to India as a hippie who did everything with wild energy. Although His Holiness the 16th Karmapa advised him to calm down, he never criticized him directly as he was a westerner. Actually Lama Ole's fascination with tantric sex is not exceptional, most of the western hippies who were interested in Buddhism liked it very much. In that respect he is not different from them, he has simply been louder than most about it. Kagyupa Lamas taught hippies the most about yabyum practice. Of course they taught it according to the ancient tantric traditions but western hippies understood it as a practice to turn their sexual desires and habits into meaningful sex.

- The only difference between Lama Ole and many other western Vajrayana practitioners is that Lama Ole publicly says everything and also encourages his followers to think the same way as he does. A consequence of Tibetan Lamas having taught Vajrayana to westerners in the first place is the view that sex is the heart of Vajrayana practice. My understanding of this can be described as follows: it appears that many western Vajrayana followers have taken sexual Tantra as their path. That path consists of preliminary sex, intermediate sex, excellent sex, and finally supreme sex. I do not mean to say that Lama Ole only teaches about sex. Of course he teaches beneficial practices such as Chenrezik, Phowa, etc.. When he teaches Phowa there are even clear signs that the practice is successful.

When I asked him the next day about claims that he has sexual encounters with his students, he didn’t deny this.

“There’s no teacher-student relationship involved in that,” he said by phone. “They’re Diamond Way Buddhists, but they’re not my students in that moment. They’re equal partners.”

Lama Ole Nydahl missionaries are accused of abuse, sexual questionable and racism. The Diamond Way Buddhist church, which operates five centers in Switzerland, led by their leader, Lama Ole Nydahl, is a real cult. Now former members and leaders complain of the racism and abuse of power due to questionable relationships with students.

"I've seen the group as elitist, racist and sexist", says the 32-year-old communications consultant Marianne Huber (all names have been changed by the editor). She was there two years. At first she was fascinated. "Lama Ole's charm is that he his followers full enjoyment of life, sex, success and enlightenment promises" says the cult expert and professor of theology at Zurich Georg Schmid. The ex-boxer Lama Ole likes driving fast motorbikes and sex. In the seventies, for drug deals he went to prison.

In Schawinski he boasted of having had sex with more than 500 women.

But the glory of Ole Nydahl quickly rubbed off for Marianne Huber. His handling of sex and women was intolerable to her: she has noticed in a summer training camp as Nydahl in addition to its two official women who take turns at the side of the Lama. In six months, he had sex with many of his female students. "These women should still be happy because they were in contact with him", Nydahl told her when she criticized him.

4. Tom Moore: Beware of Ole Nydahl and his Diamond Way sect (http://www.buddhistchannel.tv/index.php?id=70,2619,0,0,1,0)

Diamond Way is a branch of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is a far, far relative to the Buddhism supposedly passed along from the historical Buddha, one full of rituals, devices (prayer wheels and prayer flags) and hierarchies and one where devotion to teacher (“guru,” “lama”) often supersedes personal responsibility (while Buddha’s final words, conversely, were supposedly “be a light unto yourself”).

Diamond Way practitioners and their institutional leader may say that their organization and practices are stripped of such devices. But Diamond Way includes visualizing one’s self merging with another entity (The Karmapa, Buddha, etc.), with the goal being to transcend the supposed illusion of one’s ego-identity while, in the process, merging one’s self with that of another, supposedly “higher” being. This, to me, is a dangerous practice.

The Buddha also supposedly taught people to test everything for themselves. I encourage people to be highly skeptical of Ole Nydahl and of Diamond Way Buddhism. The cult of personality, combined with the allure of another culture and some feel-good practices, is a dangerous prescription for those on a genuine search for meaning.


  1. I would NOT test Nydahl or Diamond Way Buddhism for myself. There are reports of some kind of mind altering (some people even used the term "brainwash") relating to them. Depending on the situation a first encounter with Nydahl may already be too much. Please read the reports first, then decide wether to take the risk.

    1. May I say: Never take the risk, even if anyone reads the reports first. Most of the cases, it is too late to jump out of the Tantric Buddhism.

      The most important teachings of Tibetan Buddhism are tantric sexual practices. These are apart from the Buddhism. Everyone who is interested in Buddhism has to recognize this truth.

    2. "The most important teachings of Tibetan Buddhism are tantric sexual practices." --What a preposterous statement.It is one of 6 yoga branches at the best.Besides, it seems to me that no one really know the technique;Mahamudra--calming the mind comprehending the Void- that is the most important.

  2. Do you happen to know anything about the "Highest Yoga Tantra" in Tibetan Buddhism?

    Yes, the Highest Yoga Tantra is about sexual union. If anyone is interested in it, I am willing to quote some instructions from the Dalai Lama or Tsongkhapa.

    I do wonder, the Void is void, one need not to comprehend it at all.

    1. Here are some interesting quotes from the 14th Dalai Lama regarding sex as taught and understood in the context of Tantric Buddhism.

      “Being able to have sexual contact without releasing semen is something needed when you practice the advanced stages of the complete stage." - The 14th Dalai Lama (Berzin Archives)

      "For Buddhists, sexual intercourse can be used in the spiritual path because it causes a strong focusing on consciousness if the practitioner has firm compassion and wisdom. Its purpose is to manifest and prolong deeper levels of mind (described earlier with respect to the process of dying), in order to put their power to use in strengthening the realization of the emptiness. Otherwise, mere intercourse has nothing to do with spiritual cultivation. When a person has achieved a high level of practice in motivation and wisdom, then even the joining of the two sex organs or so-called intercourse, does not detract from the maintenance of that person’s pure behavior..."

      "Through special techniques of concentration during sex, competent practitioners can prolong very deep, subtle, and powerful states and put them to use to realize emptiness. However, if you engage in sexual intercourse within an ordinary mental context, there is no benefit." - How to Practice, Way to a Meaningful Life, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Translated by Jeffrey Hopkins

      "Actually, [..] the sexual organ is utilized, but the energy movement which is taking place is, in the end, fully controlled. The energy should never be let out. This energy must be controlled and eventually returned to other parts of the body. And here we can see there is a kind of special connection with celibacy." - Quoted from "The Good Heart," H.H. the Dalai Lama

      "There's a great difference between the movement of the regenerative fluids for two individuals engaged in ordinary sexual intercourse as opposed to a highly realized male yogi and female yogini who are engaged in sexual intercourse...

      To be continued...

    2. "In principle, the general difference between the two types of sexual act is the control of the flow of regenerative fluids. Tantric practitioners must have control over the flow of the fluids, and those who are highly experienced can even reverse the direction of the flow, even when it has reached the tip of the genitals. Less experienced practitioners have to reverse the direction of the flow from a higher point. If the fluids descend too far down, they are more difficult to control." - Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying, by The Dalai Lama (1997, Wisdom Publications, ISBN 0-86171-123-8)

      "Although I am using this ordinary term, sexual climax, it does not imply the ordinary sexual act. The reference here is to the experience of entering into union with a consort of the opposite sex, by means of which the elements at the crown are melted, and through the power of Meditation the process is also reversed. A prerequisite of such a practice is that you should be able to protect yourself from the fault of seminal emission. According to the explanation of the Kalachakra Tantra in particular, such emission is said to be very damaging to your practice. Therefore, because you should not experience emission even in dreams, the tantras describe different techniques for overcoming this fault." - The 14th Dalai Lama

      "One night a number of dakinis (female deities) were gathered in Birwapa's room at the monastery. Other monks heard female voices through the walls and the next day, at a gathering in the big hall, the head disciplinarian expelled Birwapa from the monastery. Birwapa left wilingly, recognizing that the time had come for him to practice "union" and to develop the Great Bliss which penetrates emptiness through reliance on an external consort..." - The Dalai Lama's Secret Temple, by Ian Baker, pg. 167 (Thames & Hudson, 2000)

      Quoted from: Sacred Sex (http://sacred-sex.org/buddhism/14th-dalai-lama-and-sex)

  3. I have been sexually abused by Ole Nydahl myself. There was a age difference of about 40 years between us when he had sex with me and I was in very difficult circumstances, feeling unsure about myself, my future and my life in general. I feel that he totally misused my faith and longing for a more meaningful life and my openness as a student. It seemed to me that letting him have sex with me was what I had to do in order to please my teacher and in order to learn and to improve myself. I did several therapies to try to get over these experiences but the wounds are still deep and I would warn strongly everybody to get near this man who cannot control his sexual desire and misuses his own students for his pleasure. He did not care if I wanted to sleep with him or not, sometimes woke me up in the middle of the night, just to have sex and misused my sense of feeling tired, overpowered and general sense of not feeling strong about myself and my live. How this person can be considered a spiritual teacher is what I cannot understand any more. I find his behaviour extremely irresponsible, careless and dangerous. I am thankful that this blog exists and whish I would have been informed before so I would not have made these very difficult experiences.

    1. Go to the police. Writing here does nothing. The police need to know this. If everyone he did this too (I believe you) this man would be in jail shortly. I've heard your story many times and Ole's underlings do it all the time as well. But until you file a police report then they are free to do it to the next many confused girls (and guys by the way). Look at the Cosby example. Yours is one tale ... but many people filing with police .. that is how justice is finally served.

  4. Very misleading information and what a waste of time. By trying to demote an authentic tradition with the strongest methods leading to enlightenment, or discrediting lamas with silly lies only leads to your dishonor. Your karma must be really dark now, please help yourself and find a different hobby.

  5. I have recently been to a Diamond Way center in my city a few times and my personal impression was of brainwashing. I am sorry to say that, but a place where they tell you "my way is the only way and whatever you learned before is shit" is not precisely a place I would trust for practice...