Tantric Sex in Tibet

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Tibetan Buddhism incorporates Tantric rites which include strange forms of "sexual piety." During certain ceremonies monks reportedly hug statues of gargoyle-like demons and mother-father spirits known as yabyum and then ejaculate on them. Erotic sculptures in Tibetan monasteries show women having sex with oxen. The Tantric art in some caves and temples is considered to be too explicit by the Chinese government to be put on public display.

Sex is regarded by Tantrics as a method to reach enlightenment. When practiced by a skilled monk it can induce a state of “inner bliss that is free of desire.” To achieve this monks are supposed of spend 24 years studying in a monastery first.

Judy Kuriansky is an American Tantric sex teacher and the promoter of the philosophy of “enlightenment through better sex.” In her classes on how to achieve multiple total-body orgasms, she teaches her students to do a variety of tasks—including breathing through one nostril, crawling on the floor and dancing with colored veils—all with their clothes on. Some participants describe incredible experiences. Others get headaches.

There have been some allegations that senior Tibetan monks have sexually abused young boys. On this issue a spokesman for the Dalai Lama told National Geographic, “There may have been some instances, but it was never widespread.”

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