A monk has sex, is no longer a monk

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A monk has sex, then he has violated the Bhiksus precept 失戒體, and he is no longer a monk.

Sangha have taken refuge in the Three Jewels, so they have dedicated themselves to Buddhism, and their specific duty is to properly cultivate themselves to liberation and Buddhahood, in the meanwhile, spread the Buddha dharma to the public; in this way they are entitled to receive offerings from the public, because they do not earn their living as common people, but they will provide and enrich the wisdom-life of the dharmakaya 法身慧命 to common people.

The Bhiksus (Bhiksunis) precepts are meant to faciliate and boost their cultivation path. If the monastic Sangha are having the same living style as every ordinary people, enjoying food, alcohol, having sex, power, money, politic, etc., what sort of "transcendence" method could they possiblly possess? They are monks or nuns on the appearance only, but in actuality, they are no longer Sangha.

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