How and why can karma function?

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The karma functions because of the Alayavijnana. Either positive or negative seeds which are formed after your thinking, feeling, acting and deciding are stored in your Alayavijnana. Your Alayavijnana realizes neither positive nor negative things and NEVER makes any decision (“I” like positive ones, dislike negative ones) so that all seeds are stored in ihm. One day in the future, your Alayavijnana gives these seeds back to you, and it NEVER considers if you (your conscious self意識我) like these results of what you have done (motivation, action...) or not.

If your negative seeds should bring you the sufferings of avici hell, the Alayavijnana gives you the body of avici hell in your next life. Your conscious self feels sad and unsufferable in hell while your Alayavijnana doesn't realize the sufferings there. If you should have a body of sentient being for your next life, the Alayavijnana gives you the body of sentient being. Alayavijnana never makes any judgement, it just brings all to you what you should have due to your karma. Every one of us has the Alayavijnana. You have yours in you, I have mine in me. It is non-dualistic, permanent and real. The Alayavijnana is the goal of Buddhist practions. When you realize the Alayavijnana in you, you get enlightened.

The enlightenment of Tibetan Buddhism is based on the conscious self. The lamas think when their conscious self doesn’t make any difference, it is enlightenment. This is WRONG. When he doesn’t make difference (not to realize: this is sex, this is orgasm…) by tantric sex, he is enlightened. When he makes difference it’s embarrassed to practice tantrix sex on TV, is he enlightened? Sometimes enlightened, sometimes not, is it the TRUE enlightenment? You should think about it.

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