Lama Admits that Sex in Tantric Practices is for Pleasure

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I found this statement by a Western lama on another forum:

"The reason why the conduct of a Tibetan monk is kept secret from lay people is so that lay people will not criticize monks. ... part of the reason for this is that all Tibetan monks are Vajrayana monks, and so if their conduct seems to be not in keeping with Hinayana [sic] vows, they might get into trouble. Vajrayana monks are not under the same restrictions as Hinayana monks. When one understands the fundamental principle of Vajrayana conduct is to engage sense objects and enjoy them for one's own pleasure, it changes the game of how one understands a Vajrayana monastic's conduct. The monastic thing is merely an outer show. It's not the essence of the practice."

-from Dharma Wheel This seems to be saying that Vajrayana monks all take vows to indulge in sense pleasures, and the "monastic thing", the robes, etc. are some sort of cover for an indulgent tradition. Is this for real? If so, this would explain a lot.

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