Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Wall Frescos

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A copulating couple at Ladakh monastery of Traktok monastery belongs to the Nyingma order.

A small temple in the ruins of Basgo in Ladakh.

Outside wall in the monastery of Thiksey in Ladakh it is on a side wall where tourists don't see it.


  1. Vom Drachen zum Phallus

    Alles was mit Wasser zu tun hatte war an den Burgen und Bürgchen des mittelalterlichen Europa's mit der Drachensymbolik versehen,doch Europa hat vergessen, dass der Drache eine Insignie der Herrscher war.
    Also Dachrinnen, Brunnen, oder Brunnenskulpturen sind verziert mit Drachen.....
    Und die "alten Drachen" der Geschichte des Abendlandes "schauen" von den Dächern herunter.
    Wie konnte aus einer Hochkultur,wenn auch einer patriarchalischen, eine so "banal-böse", wenn auch hochkomplexe phallogozentrische Kultur werden, die immer und überall ihre Phallussymbole zur Schau stellt.
    Aber immer noch unendlich subtiler und geistreicher, als das was der tantrische Buddhismus bis heute, auch im Westen, hervorbringt.
    War nicht der Nationalsozialismus ein gewaltiger Bruch in der Geschichte der Menschheit und war nicht der Okkultismus der Nazis verbunden mit dem Mystizismus, der sexualmagischen Ritualistik Indiens und Tibet's?
    Blogger von Buddhismuskritik

    1. Es ist ein Faden, über den Zusammenhang zwischen Nationalsozialismus und Mystizismus Indiens und Tibet´s nachzudenken. In der Wirklichkeit haben die Nazis enge Beziehung mit dem tibentischen Buddhismus zu tun, wenn wir sehen, dass das Zeichen des Nazis ganz änhlich wie das des Buddhismus aussieht, und davon erfahren, dass der Hitler eine Suchtruppe nach Tibet geschickt hat, um den Ursprung der reinen Ariern rauszufinden.

      Die Machtgier besteht immer in der Menschlichkeit, entweder in Abendländern oder Morgenländern. Wenn ein Glaube die Machtgier als Ziel nimmt (wie der tibetische Buddhismus strebt nach der Herrschaft des Universums), lockt er die Menschen zu sich, die die Suptermacht haben wollen. Es ist also auch logisch, dass der Okkultismus der Nazis mit dem Mystizismus Indiens und Tibet´s verbunden war.

      In der Lehre des orthodoxen Buddhismus ist diese Machtgier eine Art Gift, die die Buddhisten vernichten sollen. Denn solche Gier treibt die gefühlenden Wesen zur Wiedergeburt, die das größte Leid der Wesen in drei Bereichen ist. Was die Lamas machen, ist ganz das Gegenteil zur Lehre des Buddhismus.

      Vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar! Es ist phantastisch.

  2. “Lamaism” is not Buddhism!
    In 1822, Hegel's book, The Lecture on the Philosophy of History, he has clearly used the term “Lamaism” as an independent Asian religion.

    The Hegel Lectures Series
    Series Editor: Peter C. Hodgson

    Hegel's lectures have had as great a historical impact as the works he himself published. Important elements of his system are elaborated only in the lectures, especially those given in Berlin during the last decade of his life.

    Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion represent the final and in some ways the decisive element of his entire philosophical system. His conception and execution of the lectures differed significantly on each of the occasions he delivered them, in 1821, 1824, 1827, and 1831.

    "Determinate Religion" comprises Hegel's treatment of world religions, starting with indigeneous or nature religions, moving on to religions of the Far East (Hinduism, Buddhism, Lamaism), the Near East (Persian, Egyptian, and Jewish religions), and the West (Greek and Roman religions).

    1. Indeed, Lamaism is not Buddhism. It is a good way to find out and gather those information from philosophers and scholars' books about Lamaism is fake Buddhism. As I know, there are some in German field. Thanks for your information, it is really beneficial.

      As I googled, the customer review of Stephen Cowley (http://www.amazon.com/Lectures-Philosophy-Spirit-1827-8-Hegel/dp/0199217025) mentioned the "'objective' and 'absolute' mind or spirit (the German 'Geist' includes both)" which I am interested in. It is necessary to read what Hegel minds. But by Buddhistic Dharma the Alayavijnana is the objective and absolute mind. The Alayavijnana does not recognize everything in Three Realms. In contradiction to the concious self, the Alayavijnana doesn't make any decision: I like this, dislike that; I think so, don't mind that... The Alayavijnana is objective.

      It is also absolute. It exits without any condition. It can not be destroyed so that it is called Diamond Mind.

  3. LOL. This is so funny. What are you afraid of? Lookimg into your pants?

    Where do you take the authority from to decide what is and what is not buddhism? Tantric buddhism is a syncretic path that has merged old tantric practices with buddhist teachings.

    And it exists in other than monastic forms. By the way, hinayana buddhism doesn't look much better when power structures are concerned. Here in cambodia the monasteries are very much entangled with politics...

    1. Read The Four Agama Sutras (四阿含), you will find the authority of what is and what is not buddhism. In The Four Agama Sutras, Buddha Shakyamuni never teaches his followers to practice tantric sex. In the other hand, history provides the evidance that Lamaism derives from the Hinduism and Bön. It is never Buddhism.

      The tantric practices exist in other monastic forms which comes from Tibetan Buddhism. The lamas speak Buddist teachings, act like Buddhists... they cheat others so that they believe Lamaism belongs to Buddhism and believe in there tantric teachings. It is the greatest tragedy and catastrophe of Buddhism.

      "hinayana buddhism doesn't look much better when power structures are concerned". It shows you do not really understand what is Buddhism.

  4. Oh no, that all isn't funny and it has nothing to do with a good sex life in conjunction with two loving hearts; and most of all it has nothing to do with a look in the pants, that's to easy.

    Tantric practices have to do with magic practices, which have real effects to the bodies and the souls of women. The couple practice is the motor to reach the energy of the women, to manipulate their chakras and to breake open their Kundalini Energy; bad, physical dangerous and misogyne procedures.

    Here in the West we are slowly understanding the psychological and medecinal processes of this brainwashing. So time is ripe to warn the world against these practices.

    In one point you are right. It also exists in others than in monastic forms. It also exists in Hinduism and......single Tantric men recruit there victims in the internet. The forms of Tantric practices are varied, unfortunately.

    1. Your words are always powerful! It is powerful to make others look in the true color of Tantric sex. The tantric teachings are the most dangerous thing of our world.

      Thanks a lot!

  5. Very good! Severitas, speak out the truth and step forward to inform the public!

    Tibetan "Buddhism" has been packaged with countless lies under the guise of Buddhism. Having repeated the lies for over a thousand years, many uninformed people would take it for granted that they are true. We do need people to speak out the truth to warn the general public. Thank you and TK both
    Shalom Tseng

    1. Thank you for your friendly support and peace with you and TK.