The appearances of all dharmas

Dharma-character(法相)does not refer to Buddhist terminology, but to the appearances of all dharmas. The Dharma-Character School of Vijnana-Only(法相唯識宗)has always been misunderstood since the ancient times, but never to an extent as serious as today’s. The Dharma-Charanter School of Vijnana-Only has attempted to convey that, in reality, the characters of all dharmas are projections of the eight mind-king vijnanas(八識心王) only.

The school came to be named as Dharma-Character School of Vijnana-Only because it focused on preaching the concept that every phenomenon, every appearance of any dharma is truly just the manifestation of the eight mind-king vijnanas.

In this connotation, the dharmas propagated by this school definitely incorporate the two-vehicles bodhi(二乘菩提), as well as the Mahayana bodhi(大乘菩提). As such, to be called Dharma-Character School of Vijnana-Only, this school has to embody the two-vehicle dharmas, as well as the Mahayana prajna and All-Seed-prajna(一切種智) dharmas.

A Discourse on the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra, Vol. 1

(Aus: Enlightenment Online Zeitung, Vol. 77.)

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