Indian Yogis and Sex partners (which the Tibetan Buddhism derives from)

TK: The Indian tirthikas are naked. They have ash on their body which was burnt from the death women. They practice “hardly” but have no ability to vanish their wordly desires. They need women to practice tantric sex to get the enlightenment. The Tibetan Buddhism has the same method and the same goal with those Indian tirthikas. This proves that the Tibetan Buddhism derives from Hinduism. It’s followers run after the tantric sex which damages the social morality and leads to personal decadence. The people who follow the tantric Buddhism will never achieve the Enlightenment but go down to the hell.
(translated partially from: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/kc4580455/13819233)

(Photos: http://davidoff55.blog.sohu.com/112620431.html)


  1. Sexuality leads to new birth; whenever there is birth, then there is death. It is so simple to understand the cycle.

    How can any individual cultivate "sexuality" to attain enlightenment? Enlightenment refers to the realization of the true eternality which is beyond the three realms 三界, while sex is the basic instinct of every sentient being within the desire-realm 欲界.

    A person needs prajna wisdom 般若智慧to attain enlightenment.

    1. Indeed, prajna wisdom leads to enlightenment. Not meditation, not tantric sex.