Prostitutes in Tibetan Monasteries, Nothing New

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Comment Board: Subject: Rinpoches and gold and prostitutes Aug 18 2005 05:34 AM

This is true that our Rinpoches are eagerly raising funds to build bigger monasteries with golden Buddhas but with few monks. Even the monks are in robe by the day and found in the brothels by night. They are emulating Tsangyang Gyatso, the 6th Dalai Lama.

There is something fundamentally wrong in Tibetan Buddhist system where they have tulkus and rinpoches who are spoiled rich kids who abuse the money of the dead and the devotees. Khyentse Norbu is an example making films and womanising around the world while enjoying the title of the great Khyentse Tulkus. Who is recognising these fools as tulkus? How many tulkus recognised by some highest lamas in the system are not keeping their vows but abusing money and wealth of the previous lama. If some of the money were spent on building schools and women's education that will be good. What is the religious dept in D-sala doing about this? They issue letter of recommendation to every little group for raising funds for this and for that. Look at the monks from Sera, Drepung Gaden and a nunnery from Kopan all who have become performers and artists. They publicly display mandalas and Tibetan nuns and monks come to dance in world theatres. All to raise money of course. How is the increasing number of monk and nuns performing from Gelukpa monasteries in Nepal and India going to keep the profile of Tsongkhapa's purity of vows and practice?

I thought Gelukpas were the reformists and pure ones but now a days they are running around the world as gypsies. First they come as chanting monks and then they are dancing monks and then they are buying house monks, then they have become landlord monks. Their western nuns have become marriage celebrants; it is absurd that nuns become marriage celebrants. So this 21 century Buddhism in action, of course there are many that are good too. I can see why China is trying to highlight the quality monks rather than building huge numbers like an army. We need good and few monks, but they like numbers don't they, sera 5,500, Drepung 7,700 and so on. Of these how many young good looking boys are sex workers called 'dron-po' (guest) for older geshes and some of the rinpoches too? So do not blame the Chinese or poverty for the sex workers in Shigatse, Tibet had them all along within the monastic compounds. Go to Sera in South India, you will see happening. It is important to see one's own faults before one point finger to the other. The Chinese have brought many things to Tibet. List the all honestly. Tibet has many old mistakes and lists them too. Prostitutes are fact of life as is guest in the monasteries. Wake up!

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