The Science Of Yoga, Book Review

Q: What is a celibate guru doing by practicing Hatha Yoga in the first place when it increases his sex drive?
A. by TK.: To practice tantric sex with female students. The male gurus are good at practicing Yoga because they need to have many female students in order to absorb their gynergie and gain the superpower over the universe.
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A friend of mine had read the New York Times article and informed me that the author of this book had said that yoga causes sexual desires to increase and that this is the reason why gurus are sleeping around. I felt that finally I had my answer because I had wanted to know why so-called celibate gurus slept around with their disciples.

Well, it did and it didn't answer that question: Just because Hatha Yoga increases sexual desire doesn't make you desire to sleep with everyone who appeals to you. But the other question is this? What is a celibate guru doing by practicing Hatha Yoga in the first place when it increases his sex drive? Most monks that I have known in Zen Buddhism eat tofu to suppress their sex drive; they don't practice Hatha Yoga. But that is Zen, which is not a guru system based on sex. Of course one or two Zen traditions do practice tantric sex.

As Broad pointed out, Hatha Yoga came from a sex cult--tantric. In the tantric tradition sex is used to reach enlightenment, but as I have learned through my own research, only special students are initiated into this willingly, while some are coerced; some forced. But Broad doesn't really go into this aspect of it. I am, because now, from reading his book, I believe that the tantric tradition alone causes gurus to stray, so to speak, since gurus may not consider themselves to be straying. It is built into a system where enlightenment is based on sex, so the reason for practicing Hatha. My new question is this: Does meditation cause an increase in sexual desire? It didn't me, and I had practiced for over 12 years without any harm. Of course, neither did Hatha as it just gave me a pain in my neck, so actually I didn't last long enough to find out.

Broad wrote: "Spiritually, the objective of the yogi was to achieve a blissful state of consciousness in which the male and female aspects of the universe merged into a realization of oneness. That union (the word "yoga: means union) resulted in enlightenment. But a main path was sexual ecstasy-a veiled part of the agenda that modern research has recently uncovered." This is the answer to my question.

Recently uncovered? Gurus have been doing this for centuries and sex cults existed from the beginning of time. Are we all just learning about it? Well, I only recently learned about it a year ago and left Tibetan Buddhism as a result, because this teaching is taught by the lamas and was to be kept secret. It took a photo to open my eyes--a photo of a woman on a Buddha's lap having sex. That is when I questioned my teacher, was lied to and so bought the book, Kalacakra Tantra (A Commentary On The) by Geshe Lharampa Ngawang Dhargyey, who, by the way, was a student of the Dalai Lama and was sent to America by him to teach tantric sex. Anyway, this book opened my eyes. I was shocked; I left Tibetan Buddhism.

Then I began reading other books on tantric teachings in order expose the teachings because I wanted to let women and men know what they could be getting into by joining these religions. And since then I have come to know men and women personally who have been raped by lamas and of a woman who took her children out of an ashram because they were being sexually abused by her loving guru. And I may as well add this: children in Tibet and India are used in this sexual practice by lamas as well. They are given to them by their parents. And if they don't comply they are given sweets or alcohol. When the lamas are finished with them due to their age, they are tossed out and often become prostitutes.

Jung had stated: "Kundalini strikes at the very roots of human existence and can let loose a flood of sufferings of which no sane person ever dreamed." It is good that Broad mentions this but this doesn't just pertain to Hatha Yoga; it also pertains to meditation. The dangers of meditation, like Hatha Yoga, have been kept secret. Websites like DowntheCrookedPath and others have exposed this, but not without much flak from others who deny it.

No one wants to lose their job by telling students that yoga is dangerous, and this includes gurus who don't wish to lose disciples by informing them of the dangers. So People have to find out on their own, but maybe through this book of Broad's, people will now learn of the dangers beforehand, that is, if the yoga teachers don't reach them first by claiming that this book was poorly written and adding, "What does Broad know?"

I have been in several meditation groups, and not one guru ever told us of the dangers of meditation, and when a student committed suicide or just went insane, the guru states: "It was their karma," meaning, "They deserved it." And other disciples just agree with them. No one really thinks that meditation alone causes harm. Many think that these people were just unbalanced before they started meditation. But Dr. Margaret Singer, PhD., a psychologist who wrote the book "Cults in Our Midst" wrote of the dangers of meditation, saying that many who came to her did not have insanity in themselves or in their family. Well, they did now.

But remember, it is just your karma to end up harmed by these religions. Such is the world of Eastern teachings where people are nothing but karma and where compassion is taught but not often practiced.

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