According to Surangama Sutra, Venerable Huilyu criticizes the Tantric Sexual Practices of Tibetan Buddhism


Surangama Sutra (楞嚴經):
The ignorant and foolish people mistake those for Bodhisattva
who love minds, break Buddhist precepts and
fulfill the wordly desires secretly.
Those false Bodhisattvas say always that
there are Big Buddha and Little Buddha,
this Buddha is previous one and that is latter one.
(TK.: The lamas say always this lama become Buddha and that one also; There are a lot of Living Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism. But Buddha Shakyamuni tells us in this Sutra those are false Buddhas. Because the next Buddha is Maitreya. He is the one who will follow Buddha Shakyamuni to become Buddha. Between Buddha Shakyamuni and Maitreya, there is no one who becomes Buddha.)
They also say that there are true Buddha and false Buddha,
male Buddha and female Buddha;
and the Bodhisattvas are also like that.
The ignorant people meet those false Bodhisattvas
so that their true heart will be covered
and they are liable to get false enlightenment.

The evil Tantric (= Tibetan Buddhism with sexual misconduct) calls the couple practioners
as "dakasand "rGyal-bai-yum ".

It is just almost verbatim as Buddha foresaw.

The Tantric practioners (= lamas) say:
"The penis and the vagina are the true Bodhi Nirvana."

That is what Buddha reproached here in Surangama Sutra.

 The "Dzogchen" or "Mahamudra"

fit the tongue of the heretics
(Tantric sexual practioner of Tibetan Buddhism). 

The so-called "Highest Yoga Tantra" in the "Secret Mantra" 

makes the nonsensical remarks that
the male genital is upaya and the female genitalia is wisdom,

 and that the sexual intercourse of male and female practioners

 is "Samadhi",

Yin and Yang and "Dzogchen". 

The tantric sexual practioners think via this obscene way
they could become Buddha very soon. 

That is so-called achievement of the Bodhi Nirvana in one life
(in this life). 

The obscene and disgusting words like this 

are even accepted and trusted by ignorant and foolish people. 

Moreover, the Couple-Practice is compared to Buddha, Boddhisattva, enlightenment and Nirvana. 

What a desecration it is! 

 The people who wear the coat of Buddhist dharma
to abuse women and money 

 are too many to be pointed out!


The Tibetan Buddhism is not Buddhism!
The Couple-Practice is not Buddhist dharma!


  1. TK,

    ein phantastischer Post, danke! Unzweifelhaft konnte Buddha Ereignisse voraussehen und wie genau er das in diesem Fall konnte. Aus welcher Zeit stammt diese Sutra, wann ist sie aufgezeichnet worden? Stammt sie aus dem Pali-Kanon?

    Ich schlage mich ja gerade heftig mit Ole Nydahl und seinem Anwalt herum, den viele seiner Anhänger ja auch als "Buddha" sehen.


    Weiter viel Kraft für Deine Arbeit!

    1. Micaela, I try to answer in English to help others understand more orthodox Buddist teachings which make them to stay far away from Tibetan Buddhism. But you could write in German as you wish.

      Surangama Sutra (楞嚴經) is one of the Sutras from Buddha Shakyamuni’s later years. The source of this Sutra is the story of Matangi's daughter (摩登伽女) and Ananda (阿難). Matangi's daughter falls in love with Ananda, and asks her mother, Matangi, to lock Ananda with magic Mantra. When Matangi's daughter tries to seduce Ananda who is a Bhikshu and should not have sex to break precepts, he asks Buddha for help. Buddha Shakyamuni sends Manjusri Bodhisattva (文殊師利菩薩) to transmit Surangama Mantra to rescue Ananda, and bring both of them back to Buddha. Buddha Shakyamuni preaches for them (and others) the fatality of sexual desires (!) and the essence of Buddhist dharma – Alaya vijnana (阿賴耶識).

      This preach is thus named Surangama Sutra. It is written in Sanskrit and translated into Chinese ca. in 705 AD. This Sutra is the most important one for Mahayana due to it’s teachings about the essence of Buddha dharma – Alaya nijnana and the fatality of sexual desires. Therefore, the followers of Tibetan Buddhismus hate this Sutra. Therefore, this Sutra is the first one to be destroyed by false Buddhists. In other words, as long as this Sutra exists, the real Buddhist dharma exists. Surangama Sutra is a mirror to reflect the FALSE Buddhist dharma and FALSE Buddhists.

      Everyone who becomes Buddha in our desire realm, has to show:
      1. as the prince (to show his riches and power as the son of a king);
      2. to be married but then left his wife and family (to show the fatality of sexual desires);
      3. to (1) get enlightenment and (2) see the Buddha nature, and then become Buddha (to show his wisdom of himself, not to be taught);
      4. to teach the essence of Buddha dharma – Alaya Vijnana.

      There are numerous Buddhas one after another in Tibetan Buddhism. All of them are false. Because none of them has the merits above. One who declares to have become Buddha or keeps silence when followers see him as Buddha, has to go down to hell after death. It is seriously meant.

      Thanks for your response which gives me the chance to make more explanations.

      Alles Liebe

    2. The Buddha also foretold in another sutra the following:
      The Buddha says to Kasyapa, seven hundred years after my entering parinirvana, this Marapapiyas will spoil the true dharma. It is like a hunter donning priestly garb, Marapapiyas will also act thus. He will present his in the form of a bhiksu, bhiksuni, upasaka or upasika, or he will display himself as a srotapauna or even as an arhat or living Buddha. The flawed body of King Mara will present itself as a flawless body and damage the true dharma.”

      The Mahaparinirvana Sutra, Volume 7
      大般涅槃經 卷七

      These hunters are exactly Tibetan Tantric lamas. Please be warned and stay away from them.

    3. Your complement is great.

      I add the links: http://tantrismuskritik.blogspot.com/2012/05/maarapapiyas-spoils-true-buddhist.html#more

      Thanks a lot.