Krishna and his Consorts-Yes, It Was Sexual

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SUNDAY, JULY 1, 2012

This was written to the Gita Society: "Krishna had consorts, and I tend to equate this with Tantrism in Tibetan Buddhism--the belief that you have to have sex in order to become enlightened." The International Gita Society wrote back: WHAT KRISHNA DID MAY NOT BE FOLLOWED BY ORDINARY PERSON, SIMILAR TO WHAT ADULTS DO (SEX) CHILDREN OF WEAK MIND SHOULD NOT DO. THOSE CONSORTS OF KRISHNA WERE DEVAS WHO WANTED LORD AS A LOVER.

From the email that was received from the Gita Society I got the impression from his earlier evasions that they do practice it, but maybe just to "advanced practitioners". Caldwell says all the Hindu movements repackage themselves to appear presentable and acceptable both to upper-class (or even middle class) Hindus and the West as well:http://leavingsiddhayoga.net/caldwell.sarah.pdf Like Vedanta. She said it's secretly Tantric. I wonder if she knows about the Gita Society? I wonder if it would be possible to contact her and ask. She's a university professor, so it should be possible to get her email address through her university, wherever it is. Maybe I will try. I found this on a Hindu forum: "Could someone please explain what this means: 'Anyone whose full consciousness is always absorbed in Me, even if in lust, is elevated. As a fried seed cannot fructify, so any desire in connection with My loving service cannot produce any fruitive result, as in ordinary karma.' There is a statement in the Brahma-samhita: karmani nirdahati kintu ca bhakti-bhajam. Everyone is bound by his fruitive activities, but the devotees, because they work completely for the satisfaction of the Lord, suffer no reactions. Similarly, the gopis' attitude toward Krsna, although seemingly lusty, should not be considered to be like the lusty desires of ordinary women. The reason is explained by Krsna Himself. Activities in devotional service to Krsna are transcendental to any fruitive result. 'My dear gopis," Krsna continued, "your desire to have Me as your husband will be fulfilled because with this desire you have worshiped goddess Katyayani. I promise you that during the next autumn season you shall be able to meet with Me, and you shall enjoy Me as your husband.' http://krsnabook.com/ch22.html One person told me that it means that once you are enlightened you can do as you wish, so you can break moral rules. It is hard to believe that Krishna taught this, so I am asking those here." Answer: "his point is this: Once one obtains aparokshajnana [direct knowledge of oneness with God], the seeds of karma do not cling to the self. The analogy is that of a water droplet not clinging to a smooth lotus leaf. Out of grace, God himself directs the actions of this individual. As a result, this individual will not commit any immoral act. BTW, the love/lust of Gopis is not physical lust that a man/woman has for a person of the opposite sex. It is more of a spiritual thirst or intense Bhakti." I don't buy this at all, especially after what was found. It makes sense in light of the book, The Science of Yoga by William Broad, the fact that Hatha Yoga was created to increase the sex drive. I might add: to als create stamina for the sex act in tantra. It is quite a feat to sit cross legged with a woman on your lap, practicing kriya and having sex. I like how after they reach enlightenment they never do anything immoral, so whatever they do it is okay. Even the Chan Buddhist teacher, Sheng Yen said the same and wrote: It should be remembered that the mind of the master is ever pure... and even if the master tells lies, steals, and chases women..., he is still to be considered a true master as long as he scolds his disciples for their transgressions. I had hoped to get back into Hinduism, without the guru system, but I was told by a Hindu that Hinduism is the guru system. And yet this I know, according to N.N. Bhattacharyya, who wrote, History of the Tantric Religion, in the introduction he wrote: "The five great Tantric teachers, regarded in the Natha tradition as Adi-siddhas, came from the lower sections of society...They eat meat and drink wine, and, what is more, indulge in illicit sexual union even with mother...In fact every religious system in India maintains a parallel tradition different from and opposed to the one supported and patronised by the dominant class. All known forms of Indian religion have Tantras and Tantric rites which prove that in spite of all that was said against it this parallel tradition had a special potency which was able to influence the contents of the major religious system of Indian...Earlier scholars relegated the Tantras to a class of black magic, full of obscene and repulsive elements, unfit for a man of good taste to study." "Earlier scholars equated Tantra with the so-called degraded form of Hinduism." But perhaps one can study Hinduism without a guru and derive much from it. I know that I am not quite ready to throw the baby out with the bath water.

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  1. An other Video about some strange monks.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoLfhQahUdo

    1. A true Buddhist will not do such things. Playing Pork is similar to gambling, which is in the Buddhist precepts forbidden.

      If one monk does such things, he must be fake. It's just like if one monk/lama makes Couple-Practice, he must be fake Buddhist.

      Thanks for sharing.