A Brave Sacrifice Fights Against the Western Lama - Ole Nydahl


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I needed seven years before I was fit enough to come out with my experiences with and reflections on the secret transferences by Ole Nydahl. And thankfully I got all informations about it in books, conversations and lectures.

So I was the one who publicly faced Ole Nydahl with my knowlegde about specific tantric rituals he uses and he did not like it because he want them to be kept a secret. That´s what he took as vow.

Now he uses the rights of a democratic society to protect undemocratic and painfull customs. Here is the point that it is difficult to convince people, for example laywers, prosecuters and judges, of the existence of the rituals and the way how they work in someone. I tried it hard and sued Nydahl because of gravious bodily harm. After a long fight and the support of a buddhist lawyer - she wrote a perfect indictment, something what the prosecution was not able to do although they seem to believe in my accusations - I stopped it. It would have been neccessery to go to the constitutional jurisdiction where - in my eyes - it belongs to. But how Corboy said, for a lone woman like me it is to much work and I see no chance for the moment.

Now Nydahl respectively his laywer sued me because of defamation after they were successful to reach a interim injunction against me. That meant I would have to pay Nydahl´s legal fees - about 1100 EU - and the court fees, annother 450, EU. I can´t, so he forced me to make a solemn declaration about my income and asked the balliff to seize my PC saying they know I would have one. Nice people!

But I got good nerves. The next step was the defamation action. Here is to know that I have to find a laywer who appears at the bar, it is impossible to conduct my own case. That depends on the level of the jurisdiction the case ws brought on. So I was desperate for getting a laywer, who would be a hero, bacause I have little money and can pay just a small fee for a lot of work. And Markus Kompa is one like that.

And now we will see. Nydahl´s layer contacted him and offered to eschew a part of the outstanding debts if I would accept the ommissions, which were drafted in the interim injunction, for ever. They appear to be very needy.

We did not.

Lamaism is not Buddhism!

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