Be Ware of Lamas, Either Western Or Eastern, They All Love to Have Sex with Women!

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(Photo: Jigmei Wangshuk)

TK. translates: All Lamas love women, money and meat. They claim to be Dharma King, Living Buddha, Rinpoche..., but none of them keep the precepts of Buddha Shakyamuni. Their Buddhist teachings are different from Buddha Shakyamuni. Anyone who is interested in Buddhist praxis, has to keep FAR away from Lamas.


  1. Marte-Micaela RiepeApril 15, 2013 at 5:43 PM

    The pictures show the sad and obscene consequence of the ideology of tantric Lamaism as far as it concerns the behavior of the so called "enlightened Lamas" like Tulkus, Ringpoches and so on. Simple monks have to follow other precepts and are often aim of sexualised violence inside the monesteries themselves.

    When in India of the third century the left-handed Tantrism - a secret school of shivaitic Hinduism - met Buddhism, a specific esoteric path emerged, especially in Northern India. Mahasiddhas like Sahara, Tilopa, Naraopa and so on were yogis and always compaigned by a consort. They were anything but monks and although they considered themselves as Buddhists on one hand, they practised secret tantric rituals on the other hand. Without going too far the history of Tibetan Lamaism was characterized by yogis like Padhmasambava and Marpa. Gampopa was the first who decided to take monk´s precepts and a new buddhist tendency was born in Tibet, just to put it simply.
    Nevertheless that tendency included the constant tantric practice for the ones who "are designed to exercise it by karma".
    Based on that ideology the so called enlightened Lama chooses between the women he met all those of who he imagines they had been his consorts in former lifes. This can happen in a real sexual relationship or -in the esoteric way - by walking in her dreams to make love with her. One of Naropa´s secrtet teaching is about "Dream Yoga" and describes that technique.
    The enlightened Lama is even allowed to rape that kind of woman, when she says "No".

    Here we see how a "religion" concept turns into delusions which exploit women and make them cry.

    We all are invoked to stop the delusions, where ever we met it.

    1. Your comments are very informative! More facts, less abused women. Soon or later, the whole world will see through the true face of lamaism.

      Thank you very much for your comments again!

  2. facts about lamasJune 1, 2013 at 10:07 PM

    Oh. You think it is not allowed that a Lama have sex?

    In fact: Only the Dalai Lama and the members of the Gelug School live in celibacy!

    All the other Lamas can have sex!

    1. Oh, you think it is not allowed that the members of the Gelug School have sex?

      In fact: Even the Dalai Lama and the members of the Gelug School do not live in celibacy!

      All LAMAs can have sex!

    2. Of course, their final stage of practice of "Highest Yoga Tantra" is to have sexual union with consorts!

      To be more precise, the "most Honorable" Tsongkhapa, a patriarch of the Gelug lineage, taught in "The Great Exposition of Tantras (sNgags rim chen mo)":...Wisdom mothers with complete samaya, whose genitals are healthy and who are virgins over the age of 12 etc., are offered to the teacher..." Vol. 13, p.376

      If you wish, I can cite more revolting details from this book.

      It is indeed true that lamas focus on sexual practices, which is the doctrine of Tantric Buddhism in order to achieve the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness!

      So what else can you expect?

    3. @ JOIC, please read this citation translated into English. It is no doubt that the Tantric Sex is the essence of Tibetan Buddhism. LAMAs have to practice it if they want to pass the final stage.

    4. @ Anonymous: Thanks for your citation and support!

  3. @TK "In fact: Even the Dalai Lama and the members of the Gelug School do not live in celibacy!"

    Where are the facts?

    1. Dalai Lama's Teachings about Sex

      The highest Yoga is sexual practice. All LAMAs have to practice the tantric sex to get enlightened.

    2. Adding to your info, here is more about the "Kalachakra Tantra" - the Highest Yoga Tantra.

      Dalai Lama: Sex and Kalachakra

      Advice for Keeping the Vows and Beginning Kalachakra Practice
      The Vow Not to Lose Seminal Energy-Drops

      We are simply providing the "facts" per requested by JOIC.

      Everyone can have your own conclusions; but just
      think why does a religious belief demand adherents to keep vows by not disclosing to the public? And even more, what are the content of the vows? Try to find out by yourself and think them over.

      This was exactly the key issue that puzzled Ms. June Campbell more than two decades ago.

      It is always good to dig out more truth and judge for yourself.