Taoism VS Tibetan Buddhism

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Taoism VS Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism is one of the common religion in the world nowadays because of some “LAMA” getting so popular in the world. These LAMA are popular because they write books, get involved in politics and just want to speak for everything in thw world. Well, let me tell you what this Tibetan Buddhism is seen in the Taoism’s perspective. You might think Taoism is okay with all other religions, but let me tell you the truth, no it is not. Taoism is oppose to evil and so anything evil is not alright to be with. Tibetan Buddhism is one of the crooked and weird religion that people believe like a zombie for not much reasons but to be cool maybe. Can you see the picture in the banner above? That blue colored mutated monster with fangs and skulls as a crown? Don’t get me wrong, that is not devil, that is a Tibetan Deity! Yes, it’s not Deity of hell too, it’s a deity that bring people courage and strength, can you believe it? Many of the Buddha(s) and deities are like that in Tibetan Buddhism, can you believe it?

I have encountered many clients in the past who were freaked by Tibetan Buddhism before and I have bought tons of books about Tibetan Buddhism to search for the true materials too. Let me tell you, this religion here is a nice looking apple with a rotten black inside dripping poisonous venoms.. it’s a freaky path! This religion, just like many other bad paths, always talk about doing good karma, getting good and so on. When you get deeper into the system, you will find that the system’s theory is brainwashing, contradicting and you just can’t stand all these hilarious and freaky theories they are trying to convince you with!

Let me give you some ideas if you are unsure of what I am talking about. Their magical tools are quite wild, have you imagine holding a broken leg or broken arm is an exorcism tool in Tibetan Buddhism? Have you imagine holding a brain in hand is wisdom? holding a heart in hand is something and holding an intestine is something? They just can’t get away from using dead bodies and parts of a dead body as their “magical tools”! This is real, I have got all these photos and pictures from a Tibetan Buddhism introductory book, can you believe it? These tools were used by the Buddhist and also by the deities in the statues. You can find these very fancy looking statues with complex designs and you cannot tell what they are doing from a distance. If you observe closely you will find something very commonly in most statues… they are having sex, sometimes with one or more other deity. Some are holding freaky things such as a human head, standing on dead bodies, eating some live organs, using skulls and bones as their decorations etc,. Most of these Buddha or deities were naked as well with popped eyes, fangs, long tongues, colored skin, etc,. None of them will look normal to you and even if you show a child these they will cry for a day or two. It’s not something that even looks pleasant to the eye!

The way people teach in Tibetan Buddhism is to tell you to trust your instinct, which is the WORST thing in the system. They tell you to cultivate the system and then trust your instinct because that is what Buddha have told you to do or enlighten to you to do. That’s crazy! Trusting your instinct or feeling is a big disease in life because it can be wrong and the instinct can be leading you to a dead end as well. What if the instinct is not making sense? What if the instinct is leading you to make stupid decisions? They don’t care. These people just believe their instinct and go. Imagine if you are doing business and all your decisions are made by instinct, I guess you will get into lots of bumps and difficult times for sure! Everything will seems unexpected and unpredictable like this because you are not planning ahead with your wisdom and logic, you are going by chance, by luck and by random. What is the difference between gambling your life and this? You are like gambling everything in life and do things by luck! It’s not wisdom that you got, you are just gambling your life with this Tibetan Buddhism!

This religion is full of evil magic and you will know if you study it. The deities and god they have in the system is as evil as they look but they just put cosmetics on the wordings to be good looking and fool you to believe they are good. Their appearance is already ugly and horrible, how can you go on to believe all these are good? Tibetan Buddhism in Thailand and Malaysia got even worst and the monks there even do Tattoos and “ghost babies” or even black magic by saying it’s good luck to do it. You will not believe how they can blindly tell you all these horrible things are good luck. People in the system get ill mentally and physically all the time. No matter you are in any branch and lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, your life will be haunted and cursed by the lineage for sure.

I have personally encountered a student who was with a brother who is seriously into these Tibetan Buddhism. The religion drive their family crazy. The man was a heavy smoker, spend all the money on buying Tibetan Buddhism statues, jades, tools, bracelets, and amulets but not even working at all. He got legal blinded and seriously bad shape in health but scammed his girlfriend to give him money to live on. This brother have got his whole family haunted by evils and the whole family don’t even feel good in the house with all these Tibetan things around the house. Everything went deeply negative, the house was haunted, people got bothered by ghosts and spirits at night, half possessed by evils at night on the bed, lots of bad things happening and the parents just age faster as well. This whole thing was stopped and fixed when we opened a Taoism altar for them at home and perform the exorcism to kill all those “Buddha” in the house. Later on, all the statues were brought to a store for selling and there goes the end of the case.

This path is scary, freaky and evil. If you don’t believe it, look into the real materials and see how they are like. These monks of Tibetan are very crooked and weird as well. I knew a friend who work for a TV station film crew in the past and he have went to this LAMA temple in the mountain once for interviewing the LAMAs there and it turns out he was seeing the LAMA sexually harassing boys there and playing gay games at the back. They were talking about how to masturbate and all that stuff. Can you believe it? It’s true! These people are so crooked minded and mentally ill! Of course, their “deities” are all like Buddha’s pornography in statues, how can they be not crooked? Seriously, it’s time to wake up and look at the truth! (…)


  1. really??? the authors want to convince us that taoism is not sexual magical religion!!!!

    just go see taoist temple, and there freaky statues..with Yin-Yang sex in some painting

    actually I understand that Tibetan Buddhism is not original Buddhism..however, encouraging Taoism as good, while bashing tibetan Buddhism is doubtful..because its like just support anything Chinese and demonzing anything Tibetan!!!!

    thats why I start to doubt the Political agenda of this buddhist organization in Taiwan

    1. Short answers to your questions:

      1. The Yin-Yang sex is the "left path" of Taoism. The taoists do not see Yin-Yang sex as center of their practices; Further more, they have to give up sexuality to achieve taoist goals.

      2. The taoists put methods of Yin-Yang sex in the sun. They never cheat others there is no Yin-Yang sex in Taoism.

      3. The Taoism shows its true face as Taoism. The taoists neither tell others they are Buddhists nor insist Taoism is Buddhism.

      4. Dein Zweifel ist Deine Sache. I speak out what the Buddha Shakyamuni teaches us. If you try to insist Tantric sex is taught by Buddha Shakyamuni or Tantric sex is essence of Buddhism, I will stand up to correct these wrong views.

  2. Ok, I understand that some Tibetans do practice tantric sex..although not all, many are celibate, its depend on the Abbot

    for Taoism, actually all taoist sects do practice sex as a way to live long life..Male taoist practitioner are encourages to practice sex with many women as possible!!! see link below


    "By having as much sex as possible, men had the opportunity to transform more and more jing, and as a result would see many health benefits"


    "Taoist practitioners also advocated sex with multiple women for longevity".

    here taoist priest accused of raping his student


    why didn't your site report of sex abuse happened by taoist priest??? to save Taiwanese women as you stated one of your organization goal??

    taoists do practice tantric sex more opnely than Tibetan buddhists, because tibetans they take some teaching of buddhism which banned for monk to do sex, while taoist priest they don't have such a precept, so its actually worse or same at least with Tibeta Buddhism

    1. The Taoists never tell the lie that they are Buddhists. If women are sexual abused = they are abused by Taoists, not Buddhists. But Lamas? They pretend to be Buddhists. When women are sexual abused by Lamas, everyone thinks they are abused by Buddhists. Buddhists are scapegoats for Lamas!

      Buddha Shakyamuni NEVER teaches Tantric sex. We have to know this key point. Therefore, a Buddhist insists Tantric sex as main practice, he must be a Lama. He is never Buddhist.

  3. Your shallow "understanding" of Tibetan Buddhism makes me laugh. First, you don't understand at all the various symbolism in Vajrayana deities that appear wrathful. Such deities appear "angry" and full of rage because they represent wrathful compassion, like the "anger" and "rage" a mother shows to her son when he misbehaves by giving him a good spank. Did your mother appear all nice and gentle when you misbehaved and refused to listen when the gentle approach was used? Of course she appeared like the "demon" in the image you posted here. Was her motivation to hit or spank you driven by hatred or was it driven by love and care for you? Of course she appeared like a "demon" then because at the age of 5, you lacked the wisdom to comprehend it all.

    In Vajrayana there are soft and hard approaches when dealing with problems on the path to Enlightenment. When the soft approach fails, then the hard method is used. In some practices, your real enemies such as anger , jealousy and hatred are visualized as a "person". In order to kill your anger, you visualize chopping him up, beheading him, dismembering him, etc. This is merely an aid in meditation.


    Why such violent meditation visualizations? Why can't anger or jealousy be dealth with by using restraint? The truth is POWERFUL inner demons such as anger requires POWERFUL method to destroy, especially when the softer approach fails. Think Cold Turkey and drug addiction.
    Just because you don't understand the iconography of these wrathful deities does to make them evil or demonic. IT IS ONLY YOU AND YOUR PERVERTED VIEWS that make them appear evil when in fact they are not.

    The Buddha/God/Divine Consciousness appears in various forms to guide sentient beings. Some forms appear peaceful such as Sakyamuni, Jesus or Kuan Yin. Some forms appear wrathful such as Mahakala or Kali.

    Who are you to tell Buddha what form he/she can appear in to guide you?
    Are you as Enlightened as Buddha?
    Or are you at a higher state of consciousness than Buddha?

    Tantric sex is a topic that is very much misunderstood. My Lama has NEVER taught me that sex is required when practicing Tantra. Of the four schools in Tibetan Buddhism, the Gelug sect is strictly celibate while the other sects may allow their Lamas to have consorts but even these sects rarely propogate Tantric sex.

    Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelug sect himself NEVER practiced Tantric sex his entire life although he made commentaries on the topic. As taught by Tsongkhapa it is possible to grasp Clear Light without ever engaging in sex and he demonstrated this himself at the moment of his death. Tsongkhapa knew that if he had engaged in Tantric sex then a lot of distorted views will arise in the future and so he decided against it.

    You claim to have studied Tibetan Buddhism by reading books and such but from your childish writings, you have merely scraped the surface.

    Every day for the past 9 years I have worshiped a Buddhist deity who has human skulls hanging on his head, long sharp fangs and mouth dripping with blood - your version of evil. But have I turned evil myself? I can tell you for sure that after 9 years of worshiping this demon I have become kinder, more patient, more generous, more compassionate, more ethical...... in fact, I have become more Buddhist with each passing year. I have also become more accepting of other spiritual paths such as Christianity, Taoism, etc, and sing praises to the many saints and great beings both Buddhist and non-Buddhist who have worked for the benefit of others.

    There is a Hindu saying that the Divine appears in many forms to help and connect with sentient beings who exist in different forms and predispositions. All these forms are beautiful, it is only their followers that create all the ugliness and animosity and hatred.

  4. For your interest, mate - the author of that drivel is not a taoist guru as he would like to be perceived and he cannot speak on behalf of ANY taoist.
    Mak Jo-Si (the individual pictured above) has been insulting buddhists for a long while, proving he has absolutely no knowledge about taoism either. A genuine taoist will always hold buddhism in deep respect since both philosophies gave birth to Zen tradition.
    Truth is the Mak Jo-Si is a con artist and a fraud of the worst kind - selling "exorcisms", "magical" tricks and other shenanigans to the gullible New Age crowd. He's also an idiot to boot as you can see from his poor, vulgar vocabulary.
    It's best to ignore him and not to spread the rubbish he spouts as he's only desperately seeking for attention to push his snake oil business further.
    Much respect, mate!