Tibetan Buddhism is EVIL, Taoist master reveal their poo eating

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Many people had asked me to say my opinion on the famous Tibetan Buddhism nowadays because they wanted to hear something new, something more professionally said, something with juice. Sure, why not? Here let me concluded Tibetan Buddhism in one word – “EVIL”.

Not to mention the famous Dalai Lama yet but just like a look at what Tibetan Buddhism is about and what they promotes. You do not need to read a whole bunch of history or read their scriptures at all. Pictures tells you a thousand words. See this:

What the?! Yes this is a common ritual in Tibetan Buddhism. The monks will have a bowl that contains water and their master’s saliva (spit into the bowl) and they drink it and spray their saliva down the crowd of believers and they collect it in their cups or bowls or just open their mouth and drink it down RAW. That is what they call blessings.These are not NORMAL saliva, they are holy liquid as they claimed, the holy water with blessings.You get lots of good karma by drinking it. Yes, that’s making a lot of sense after a lecture and some washing for your brain. Some of the believers that are far away cannot get their blessings from far away, what do the Lama do to be fair? SPRAY it over! RPG, grenades, flamethrower!

The Lama ALWAYS talk about wisdom and all they do is just so unbelievable. Did the above photo shock you already? Not yet. Let me show you what’s the “good stuff” in the Lama religion.

This is a link with a person explaining a good bunch of Tibetan rituals and theory. It is a very common thing to see. If you know how to read Chinese, move on and read the site after this post. You will understand what Tibetan is more than just from the outside core. Now I will explain it with my best effort to summarize the practice in English for all.
Concept is – the Lama’s heart is pure and clean, therefore they don’t see and sense or taste anything is dirty and unclean. Therefore they can eat human waste. (yes, the poo poo).

There are 5 things that the Lama religion (Tibetan Buddhism) consume for cultivation and “good karma” or even blessings – yes, it’s a cultivation too.

1) Big fragrance – human waste (poo poo) from the master. The master have good karma and so their waste is not stinky but with fragrance. Good to eat!

2) Small fragrance – human pee from the master. Same as number 1.

3) Brain marrow – The masters who have good karma because of cultivation, their funeral is to let the corpse be broken in pieces and fed the eagles and big birds… but the brain is kept and stored for the Lama to consume as “food for good karma”.

4) Red Podi - The female master’s blood from her period. OR can be replaced by virgin’s blood from the first time of period as well.

5) White Podi – The sperm (cum) of the masters.
They also eat 5 types of meat – elephant, horse, human, pork and dog.

They also used the real human flesh, bones, intestines and so on as their magical tools and cast magic in their ceremonies as well. I have a book that tell you all about it in a simple format. They are extremely horrifying and people just wrote words like make-up and paint to cover it up with pretty colors. Maybe you think I am crazy but go research and you will see all these in some English books as well. it’s not that much of a secret anymore. Not to forget to mention they also made up tons of fake things in their religion as well.

If you want to know about the famous Dalai Lama, sure, here is a YouTube video on him and I do agree that what’s presented in the video is true too. Whatever he does to promote himself, he can buy promotion power but he cannot cover the truth. He is evil to the guts physically and internally. He promotes so much peace and stuff but he never live a life he promotes. How can you believe a person who is about the bankrupt to teach you the way to get rich? Just simple as that. It’s impossible.

After revealing so much “insider stuff” to you today, you might want to rethink and re-judge what Tibetan is about. Really about peace? Maybe look at their “deities” and see what’s going on! Keep your kids away from Tibetan, it’s X rated and it’s all poisonous to the brain.

Conclusion, Tibetan Buddhism is not only evil, they are freaks and they have absolutely NO WISDOM. Look at their sense of logic, medical knowledge, hygeine knowledge and you will understand what WISDOM is in their dictionary. Don’t fall for the scam and evil path!


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