New Book: Prof. Liu, Xue-Diao: Issues of Tibet (Reveal the True Face of Dalai Lama)

TK comments:
This is a book to reveal the true face of Dalai Lamas. The Author, Prof Liu, Xue-Diao, is retired from Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission, ROC(中華民國蒙藏委員會)while he was the chief secretary of the Commission. His carrier makes him know Tibetan affairs very well. On the other hand, he teaches as Professor at Chung Yuan Christian University, Fu Jen Catholic University and Chinese Culture University, etc. His scholar background makes “Issues of Tibet” professional and critical. In this book, Prof Liu analyzes the issues of Tibet with historical material, and makes his observations to announce readers that Taiwan should not be one of the chessman of XIV Dalai Lama for his purpose.

Title: Issues of Tibet(從歷史看清西藏問題:揭開達賴的真實面貌)
Author: Liu, Xue-Diao(劉學銚)
ISBN-13: 9789868995574
Publisher: Think & Executive Culture Communication Company (Taipei)
Publish Date: October 15, 2013
Language: Chinese
Website Bookstore: http://www.sanmin.com.tw/page-product.asp?pf_id=99F155Q6R101p87B109g69p106V126NKAgEQz139GwD


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