Dalai Lama = Dalai Liar?

The XIV Dalai Lama always shows his blaming of violence and religious tolerance. He was successful to win his reputation in the Western world. But the Western people realize that he has two faces when the Dorje Shugden issue broke out 1996. The Tibetan community and the government-in-exile lived in fear of oppression. The Western media therefore recognize that the Tibetan Buddhism is neither peaceful nor kindhearted. Futher information: Das Streben des Dalai Lama nach der politischen Macht.

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About 500 unhappy people from the U.S., Canada and China's Tibet, with some of them being the Tibetan lamas, gathered outside a lecturing building in Colgate University where Dalai Lama was teaching his Western devoteers the Art of Happiness. The gloomy protesters wanted Dalai Lama to stop lying, and demanded religious freedom from the Tibetan government-in-exile of which Dalai Lama is the head.
Since the begining of this year, Dalai Lama has increased the oppression on people in the community of Tibetans in exile who hold a faith of which he does not approve.

A Tibetan old lady bids a sentimental farewell to a military police who is due to leave his post in Tibet. She thanks him to keep the slaveowners away from former serfs.

The comments by Chinese Netizens:

Dalai said, that old lady is in fact a military police who pretends to be a Tibetan woman.

Dalai said, that military police is in fact a Tibetan old lady who pretends to be a police.

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