Buddha's Delight? (2) How obscene the Tibetan Buddhism is!

TK. comments: The Tibetan Buddhism will never give women up who provide lamas gynergie (female energy). This doctrine derives from Hinduism which insists the nirvana is based on the sexual practice between men and women. The Tibetan Buddhism accepts this teaching, and all of the top lamas are used to practice it day and night. How sad! To get away from the wordly desires is the teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni, but tantric Buddhism makes the wordly desires to be nirvana. Tibetan Buddhism is NEVER Buddhism. When will people all over the world get aware of it? During thousands of years the Tibetan Buddhism is located in Snowland, and it didn't harm a lot of people. And now? It spreads out worldwide... What a huge and unbelievable catastrophe it will bring to all of us!

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I'm starting to believe boy
that this is meant to be boy
cuz I believe in karma
boy do you believe in karma?
So forget about your past life
cuz this could be our last life
we're gonna reach nirvana
boy we're gonna reach nirvana

Each time you put your lips to mine
its like a taste of Buddha's delight
I see the gates of paradise
you're a taste of Buddha's delight
Tell me all your fantasies tonight
and I will make them happen
Cuz I'm not satisfied if I don't get my Buddha's delight

Oh shanti shanti Oh shanti shanty

Like sutta meditation
you give me elevation
Can you take me higher?
Wonder can you take me higher?
I want a revelation
and sweet salvation
And the eternal fire
show me the eternal fire


  1. you leave the western dirty and come to blame tibetan Buddhists!!!

    who do the song?? aren't wester secular singer!!??

    if Tibetan see this, they atually won't be satisfied

    1. Who does the song? The western lyricist who is affected by Tibetan Buddhism.

      Who spreads out the dirty Tibetan Buddhism to Westerners? The XIV Dalai Lama.

      If Buddha Shakyamuni sees this, HIS tears will trickle down, since HE never teaches Tantric sex!!!

      Don't blame the western movie maker, but Dalai Lama who spreads out the Lamaism all over the world.