Buddha's Delight? (1) Tantric sex practice shows it is fake Buddhism!

This MV "Buddha's Delight" is one of the shows in the Hollywood movie "Music and Lyrics". There is a huge Buddha statue on the stage. The dancers in gold frock and red rock ( = lama kasaya) dance obscenely with Haley Bennett who sings repeatedly "I've got to have my Buddha's delight". This scene shows the sexual practice between lama and Maha Mudra in front of the Buddha statue.

The Lamaism spreads out all over the world and misleads all people on the evil way to sexual practice. The most of the Western people think the tantric teachings are doctrine of Buddhism. How sad!

This scene of movie shows exactly what the Tibetan Buddhism teaches. The Tibetan Buddhism pretends to be orthodox Buddhism, but it’s tantric practice tells all of us that it is fake Buddhism. If all people really know his true color, there will be no more women sexual abused.

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