Can “sexuality” help with “liberation”?

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Q: Can “sexuality” help with “liberation”?

A: No, definitely not, it will only impede the cultivation to liberation. The Buddhist final goals are set to cultivate for attaining liberation and Buddhahood. The simplest explanation for “liberation” refers to that a sentient being is able to break free from the attachments of either the desire-realm or the Three Realms.

The sexual pleasure has to be perceived by the conscious mind, while the perceiving mind as well as the contacting sexual organs are dharmas generated through many other supporting "conditions"; once the sexual organs are parted, the sexual tactile pleasure would cease to exist immediately, for this is an arising-and-ceasing 生滅法, changing and impermanent dharma 無常法 within the Three Realms.

Basically, for a determined Buddhist practitioner, sex is one of the grossest sensory desires that should be eliminated in the desire realm; in fact, it is not too difficult to do if one is able to observe keenly its untrue nature of the dependent arising without intrinsic nature within the Three Realms.

The conclusion is that sexuality will increase worldly desires and attachments, thereby impeding the cultivation to transcend the Three Realms.

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