An insider of the Lamaism speaks the truth: The monastic thing is merely an outer show!

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Found this on Dharma Wheel, a Tibetan Buddhism forum, and it is written by a lama:

I just found this, posted by a Western lama in a discussion forum:

"The reason why the conduct of Tibetan monk is kept secret from lay people is so that lay people will not criticize monks. Part of the reason behind this is that all Tibetan monks are Vajrayana [tantric] monks, and so if their conduct seems to be not in keeping with Hinayana vows, they might get into trouble. Vajrayana monks are not under the same restrictions as Hinayana monks.

When one understands the fundamental principle of Vajrayana conduct is to engage sense objects and enjoy them for one's own pleasure, it changes the game of how one understands a Vajrayana monastic's conduct. The monastic thing is merely an outer show. It's not the essence of the practice."

In other words, the monks' robes, traditionally an indicator of renunciation of worldly life and pleasure, are merely a cover for a practice that is secretly indulgent, even to the point of abuse. Finally, an insider speaks the truth! "The monastic thing" is fake! It's all about enjoying sense objects for one's own pleasure--no wonder TB is such a scandal-ridden tradition. Scandal and abuse are fundamental to its nature.


  1. Here is a video of Tsem Tulku, an ordained Gelug monk (the Gelug are supposed to be "the virtuous ones"), discussing the nature of mind. Toward the end of the video, he discusses orgasm as a method for realizing the subtle mind of bliss, for the purpose of gaining Enlightenment. But retaining the semen "isn't sex", he says.

    Now who do you suppose this monk uses for consorts in his practice? Tsem Tulku is based in Malaysia (born in Taiwan), where he serves Chinese Buddhists. He teaches the Highest Yoga Tantra of Vajrayogini (a female tantric Buddha), because he believes this is "the most suitable highest yoga tantra for modern laypeople for its relative simplicity and erotic imagery, modern society being highly sexualized".

    How can he make that judgment for all his students? Is erotic material acceptable in Chinese society? Does Tsem Tulku even care? If the women don't want to meditate on a naked yogini, are they given a choice? What effect are his teachings of sexual practice having on the marriages of his students?

    Has anyone in modern times been known to reach enlightenment through tantric sex practice?


    1. The video on YouTube can not be shown in this moment. So, I would like to answer you about your message. I agree that modern societies are highly sexualized. But the sexual practice can not get to enlightenment, neither in Eastern nor in Eastern society. Because the subtle mind of bliss during the sex activity has nothing to do with the Enlightenment. The mind which could get the bliss of orgasm is conscious mind. It is arising when the conditions are arising, and ceasing when the conditions are ceasing. It is not continual if we are asleep. Therefore, it is not the mind of Diamond --Alayavijnana which is permanent and exists without any other condition.

      The Yoga Tantra of Diamond way can not reach enlightenment. It just brings every practitioner down to the hell.

      Thanks for your information of the YouTube video and your message.

    2. Hi Anonymous,

      I realise your comment's about a year old, but it would not be proper for me to leave this misinformation online without any response :) I have known Rinpoche for the last 16 years and can categorically state that Rinpoche does not have a consort nor engage in this practice. Therefore in answer to your questions:

      1) Rinpoche does not pass this practice to his students, nor make this judgement for of his students

      2) If you have been following Rinpoche online, you will see that Rinpoche's students are educated Chinese who are tech savvy and exposed to much more "erotic" material in the media. Therefore mentioning something like this in passing is not going to embarrass us and if you notice, Rinpoche never actually elaborates on the material to us - I would imagine there is far more detail than what we have been told.

      3) no one in Kechara meditates on the "naked yogini" - Rinpoche has not given Vajrayogini's practice to anyone and has not taught her teachings to anyone. Rinpoche encourages everyone to practise Lama Tsongkhapa, a monk who was a vinaya holder. This is the same lineage that has been practised for 600 years by thousands of monks and learned masters who derived their teachings from Atisha, an eminent student from Nalanda Monastery.

      4) As to the effect Rinpoche's teachings are having on the marriages of his students, well my parents have been with Rinpoche for the last 16 years and their marriage is fine, as are the marriages of the students in Kechara.

      The Buddha taught 84,000 different methods of achieving enlightenment, to counter the 84,000 different types of delusional mind that exist. Surely within those 84,000 methods, there is the possibility for the teachings to manifest as Tibetan Buddhism. So I hope my message is taken with the good intent in which it is posted :)

      x Elena

    3. Elena, Tsongkhapa is the great promoter of tantric sexual practice. Here is one of his teachings translated into English:

      “Someone who ask the teacher for empowerment should make offerings first. A curtain is used as a screen. The disciple understands very well that the teacher is vajrasattva. Wisdom mothers with complete samaya, whose genitals are healthy and who are virgins over the age of 12 etc., are offered to the teacher. Just like the statement in the second chapter of Sutra on Great-Seals: “One should choose females who are most wise, virtuous, with slender eyes, having a wondrous dignified face, and aged from 12 to 16, or 20 if difficult to obtain. Females over 20 are used in other seals (mudra) because it will make all the stages of practice impossible to attain. One’s sisters, daughters, or wife are offered to the teacher.”
      (Translated from Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path, Tsongkhapa, translated into Chinese by dharma-master Fazun, Wondrous Favor Publishing Co., 1986, p. 376)

      The tantric sex is the highest yoga practice. Without it, no lama could get enlightened. Therefore, every lama has to practice tantric sex on his latest stage.

      Tantric sex is the essence of Tibetan Buddhism. A student doesn't get any tantric teaching from his master during the learning time, is possible. The reason is that the student is not qualified to gain the tantric teaching.

      A lama doesn't teach tantric sex yet. ≠ There is no tantric sex in Tibetan Buddhism.

      Buddha Shakyamuni teaches 84,000 different methods of achieving enlightenment, and none of them is tantric sex. The lamaism insists tantric sex is taught by Buddha Shakyamuni. It's the greatest lier on the world. It shows, neither lamas are Buddhists, nor Tibetan Buddhism is Buddhism.

      Anyone who is interested in Buddhism has to distinguish the guise Buddhism -- Lamaism.

  2. T.K. is 100% correct.
    Tibetan Tantric "Buddhism" is definitely not Buddhism, no matter what lineage it belongs to; it is because their core doctrine is to have free sex, under the guise of religion.
    Sexuality is worldy daily affairs for ordinary people, even birds and bees and dogs and cats can do it. Why does anyone need to go to a tulku or guru for sex?

    These tulku or guru, they should be aware of the severe retributions after death, how dare they do such things under the name of Buddha? They cheat and hurt the followers not only this present life, but many future lives to come as well; it is because all the negative deeds will be collected in everyone's Buddha nature (Alayavijnana), thereby continual misdeeds and sufferings. They terminate the followers' wisdom-life of the Dharmakaya法身慧命, this is one of the gravest sin a human can commit.

    Poor people! We have to work harder to spread our message to stop people going into Tibetan Tantrism!

    1. "how dare they do such things under the name of Buddha?"

      A1: They do not understand the real Buddhist teachins that the Alayavijnana is the root of Buddha dharma. They do not know this "Diamond Heart" collects all their negative thoughts and deeds. One day in the future, the Alayavijnana will give their negative seeds back to them as karmic retribution (vipaka)業報.

      A2: As so-called Buddhist monks, the gurus/tulku/great lamas do not really believe in causality. That's why they dare have sex. That's why they do not care it is grave sin.