The work of education in hope – my wishes to Chinese New Year

Sky lanterns Festival during Chinese New Year.

People write their wishes on the lanterns and let them fly in the sky.

Although it is difficult to make others clear that the Tibetan Buddhism is fake Buddhism, we have to stand up and try our best to speak out the truth. In order to protect our family, our friends and our sisters - all women in the world.

I appreciate our “world team” against the Lamaism. Although I do not know you in person- withywindle, Lhasa Lhamo, Micaela, Severitas, blogger of buddhismandcriticism, Shalom, Lilichao… etc, I am grateful for your supports and help. I will step forward. In courage.

I wish all of you a great Dragon year, healthy and happy. In hope that either Western or Eastern society will be well educated: Everyone knows the truth of Tibetan Buddhism and his fake teachings.


  1. Thank you TK.
    I also wish you and all the people, who like dragons;-)a great and healthy, a wise and beautiful Dragon year.
    From Buddhism and Criticism

    1. It is nice to hear from you. I always think how are you going. I wish you healthy and everything well. Take care of yourself and keep courage.

  2. Dear TK,

    thank you very much for your wishes you have sent around the world.

    For the new year, let me tell a short story:

    In Western mysticism the dragon is a sign for sexuality.

    In the fairytales all over the world the young prince comes to the castle where the lovely princess is waiting for the wonderful young guide who wants to marry her. But in front of the castle there is sitting a big dragon guarding the princess. So, first the prince has to defeat the dragon, then he can reach her and close her in his arms.

    The translation of these pictures means: First we have to transform the pure sexual drive into love. Or in other words, I find the otherone in love, not in sexuality. Then the dragon in us will be great and powerful.

    As I've read, the Chinese Dragon is a Dragon of power, happiness, wisdom and courage.

    In this sense the Chinese and the Western Dragon will further inform people what's the reality of Tibetan Buddhism and other Tantric sects.

    A happy new year and all best wishes for you and also my best greatings to the supporters all over the world.

  3. Dear Severitas,

    I am smiling as I read the mysticism of dragon. In Chinese culture, the dragon is on the top of everything. Especially, the dragon is the symbol for emperor who rules the whole country. It transfers to successful career and wonderful life if one is born in Chinese Dragon year.

    And as Buddhist teachings say, the dragon is one sort sentient being (beasts Road 畜生道) who lives in desire-realm (our planet is also in desire realm). Although we as human being can not see them, they exit in the desire realm.

    I found that it is meaningful to interchage our culture. And as you said, the Chinese and the Western Dragon will further inform people what's the reality of Tibetan Buddhism and other Tantric sects. This is the most important thing.

    Take care of yourself. wish you healthy and happy every day.

  4. Wishing all the best to our determination - successfully unveiling the truth about Tibetan Tantrism to the world!

    May we all have the invincibale courage and blessings from the Buddha!

    Thank you, TK, and all dear bodhisattva friends.
    Shalom ^_^

    1. I like this expression: "bodhisattva friends"! Yes, they are!

  5. you better stop commenting falsely on tibetan buddhism or else it is you and your group that is going to burn endlessly in the avici hell due to your excessive heavy indelible negative karma. seems like you yourself are a buddhist thats why a piece of advice from a kalyanamitra or a dharma friend. may you be protected from false views.

    1. What you said is for yourself.

      Be an orthodox Buddhist to get the right way to Enlightenment. The tibetan Buddhism will bring you in the avici hell. The Lamaism looks like Buddhism, but all teachings are fake Buddhism. Those teachings will be bad karma when someone practices them. And the avice hell is going to burn endlessly and it's more than you can bear.

      My friends and me will never stop speaking out the true color of Tibetan Buddhism. Some of them were victims of tantric sex, some of them were followers of Lamas but found they cheated and some of them have the sharp observation to find out the fase teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. All of us know the truth of this fake Buddhism exactly.

      Wake up and get far away from the Lamaism. Listen to the true voice which helps you realize the mask of Lamaism.

  6. Even the thousand buddhas of the thousand kalpas together won't be able to save you and your entire group of friends from falling to the deepest avici because of the immense fault you have accumulated from disparaging the sacred mantra vehicle.man sadly you and your colleagues are destined for avici. Recite and meditate on the tathagata vajrasattva. Om vajrasattva hung. Although you may read this mantra with scorn and hatred, even then it may reduce a huge portion of your negative karma. one more genuinely advising you "a bodhisattva who finds faults and disparages others will himself degenerate", stated in the mahayana sutras. one more thing if you have not ripened to see the truth in the mantra vehicle then you should avoid analysing and reading the passages from the tantra as otherwise it may harm you heavily and one more thing you should distance yourself from tantric practioners. you don't need to praise them or look down upon them. anyway a true tantric practioner sees no difference between praise and insult. so anyway there is no problem if you praise or insult. but you may degenerate due to your own actions. i' think being a buddhist you are unaware of the infallible law of karma. think of karma and everything will become clear. expecting more insults from you, object of deepest compassion.

    1. It is great you try to give me a piece of advice. Thanks a lot. And you look aware of something about karma. It is great! Would you tell me please:
      1. How does karma function?
      2. Why can karma function?
      3. Who makes karma to function?

      These three questions have coherence with the essence of orthodox Buddhism. If you could anwer them correctly, you could stay with your Lama Rinpoche. If not, it is to suggest for you to get away from the Tibetan Buddhism.

      BTW, would you tell me:

      1. "a bodhisattva who finds faults and disparages others will himself degenerate"
      Where did you get this sentence from? Which Mahayana Sutra? Prove to me that it is ORTHODOX Sutra. A Bodhisattva who corrects the false Buddhist teachings (eg. tantric sex) will help others not degenerate. What he does is helping them to get the right way to enlightenment.

      2. "a true tantric practioner sees no difference between praise and insult"
      If it is true, why don’t they practice tantric sex on the street in front of the public? Why don’t Lamas practice tantrix sex on TV for audience? If a TRUE tantric practioner sees really no difference between praise and insult, as you said, he should practice tantric sex for all of us to prove he doesn’t make any difference.

    2. since i am not a scholar let me explain to you in terms of a lay buddhist practioner. the basis of karma is ones own action with a motivation. in the higher vehicle motivation is considered more important for determining a positive and negative karma. as followers of the higher vehicle all the happiness in the world is said to result from wishing happiness to others and all the sufferings are due to wishing happiness for oneself alone. karma functions because we are always actively engaging in action wholesome or unwholesome. one is responsible for ones own action. so solely responsible for ones happiness and suffering. for the statement refer arya shantideva's bodhicaryavatara -the chapter on discipline which is a pith instruction on the samadhiraja sutra and tathagataguhya sutra, dashabhumika sutra and others.it is ridiculous that you seem to hate tantra practice like anything and at the same time want to see it happening in public broadcasted through television????

    3. Neither I am a scholar. But I would like to share Buddhist teachings with you. Your answers do not get the target. It is because your teachers, the Lama Rinpoches, do not realize the true Buddha Darma. It is because the teachings of Lamaism are fake.

      The karma functions because of the Alayavijnana. Either positive or negative seeds which are formed after your thinking, feeling, acting and deciding are stored in your Alayavijnana. Your Alayavijnana realize neither positive nor negative things and NEVER make any decision (“I” like positive ones, dislike negative ones) so that all seeds are stored in ihm. One day in the future, your Alayavijnana give these seeds back to you, and it will NEVER consider if you (your conscious self) like these results of what you have done (motivation, action...) or not. If your negative seeds should bring you the sufferings of avici hell, the Alayavijnana give you the body of avici hell in your next life. Your conscious self feels sad and unsufferable in hell while your Alayavijnana doesn't realize the sufferings there. If you should have a body of sentient being for your next life, the Alayavijnana give you the body of sentient being. Alayavijnana never makes any judgement, it just brings all to you what you should have due to your karma.

      Every one of us has the Alayavijnana. You have yours in you, I have mine in me. It is undualistic, permanent and real. The Alayavijnana is the goal of Buddhist practions. When you realize the Alayavijnana in you, you get enlightened.

      The enlightenment of Tibetan Buddhism is based on the conscious self. The lamas think when their conscious self doesn’t make any difference, it is enlightenment. This is WRONG. When he doesn’t make difference (not to realize this is sex, this is orgasm…) by tantric sex, he is enlightened. When he makes difference it’s embarrassed to practice tantrix sex on TV, is he enlightened? Sometimes enlightened, sometimes not, is it the TRUE enlightenment? You should think about it.

  7. you seem to tell me that alavijnana functions two important function of creation and liberation. your views in a way are no different from the theistic approach of thirthikas in the sense that you perceive alayavijnana as the sole creator. you tell me that alayavijnana is permanenent and nondualistic-how can something permanenet and non-dualistic produce things which are impermanent and dualistic?how can a same thing responsible for samsara grant nirvana? so you can see how defective your views are believing in alayavijnana? your views directly contradicts the prajnaparamita sutras taught by our teacher lord buddha. As for the enlightenment in tibetan buddhism one has to practise the sutrayana of the mahayana as well as mantrayana of the vajrayana.let me tell you a fact regarding the vajrayana. it was not taught openly by the buddha and only taught to boddhisattvas like manjushri, vajrapani, arya avalokiteshwara and other supreme beings. nevertheless it came to us ordinary beings because of the buddha's infinite compassion. its natural that many of us would not find any sense in it just as the hinayana's find no sense in mahayana. it all depends on a individuals collected merits. so now you can understand why tantric sex cannot be broadcasted in television.

    1. how can something permanenet and non-dualistic produce things which are impermanent and dualistic?
      how can a same thing responsible for samsara grant nirvana?

      Your questions are excellent. I try my best to answer you in English:

      Your first question refers to the awareness of vijnanas. The Buddha Shakyamuni teaches us that our human beings have 8 vijnanas. If your Lama Rinpoche has taught it to you, you should realize what it means. It means the first 5 vijnanas are able to know - to see見, to hear聞, to smell嗅, to taste嚐, to feel觸. The 6th vijnana (consciousness) is able to know, to think and to analyze. These 6 vijnanas work together and make you to see the world, to think a lot of things and to feel sad, happy, good, bad, etc. The 7th vijnana is the one who makes you born and die, born and die, born and die… These 7 vijnanas exist because of the 8th vijnan- the Alayanijnana. The Alayavijnana has no self-awareness(不自覺我), and exist by itself. The first 7 vijnanas could not exist without Alayavijnana, and they are dualistic. In other words, the Alayavijnana itself is permanent and non-dualistic, but your conscious self not. That’s why Alayavijnana is permanenet and non-dualistic, but produces things which are impermanent and dualistic.

      Your second question refers to the entity of Alayavijnana. The Alayavijnana itself is dualistic and permanent. What the nirvana(涅槃) describes, is the Alayavijnana when it exists by himself. That’s why Alayavijnana is the target of enlightenment. When your conscious self realizes the Alayavijnana (get enlightened), when he observes the Anlayanijnana, he finds out how pure and neutral the Anlayanijnana is, and how evil and dualistic he himself is. So that your conscious self practices hardly to clean himelf with the Buddha teachings, so that your seeds of three poisons(三毒)vanish which are stored in your Alayavijnana, so that you breaks the samsara(輪迴)and could not be born in three Realms(三界)if you want to be a Arhat(阿羅漢). If not, you are bodhisattva who will be Buddha in the future and teach the sentient beings the Buddhist Darma – the Darma based on the Alayavijnana.

      Alayavijnana is the root of Buddhist Darma. Without Alayavijnana, no one could get enlighted and become Buddha in the future. Alayavijnana is the real vajrayana; all Buddhas teach this just to bodhisattvas who have the most great kindness to help sentient beings break the cycle of rebirth.

      As to the “vajrayana” of Tibetan Buddhism, it means the secrets of tantric sex between male Lama and female followers. Buddha Shakyamuni never teaches his followers to practice tantric sex. The tantric sex of Tibetan Buddhism is the real thirthikas because it derives from Hinduism and Bön. It is never Buddhism. If you still stay with your Lama Rinpoche, you are thirthikas, not Buddhist.

  8. You seem to assert that alayavijnana is real, non dualistic and permanent and that the other seven vijnanas are unreal, impermanent and dualistic yet arise from alayavijnana. if it were so we could have rice plants from barley seeds. your wisdom is worst than that of a cowherd who at least does not analyse things and come up with such dangerous consequences. accepting alayavijnana would mean no different than accepting an almighty creator who is permanent and non-dual but creates things that are impermanent and dualistic; as such kind of erroneous views are also taught by the thirthikas. if you hold such kind of a view how can the law of casuality come into being. where does dependent origination fits in? where does the buddha's teaching of emptiness fits in?
    your views are in direct contradiction to the teachings of prajnaparamita. read the heart sutra and commentaries on the sutra by great masters. The root of buddhism is not alayavijnana. The root of buddhadharma is boddhicitta from the method aspect and the wisdom of emptiness from the prajna aspect and complete enlightenment is achieved when one realises the inseperability of compassion and emptiness. and this is symbolised in depiction of the union of buddha samantabhadra and mother samantabhadri in vajrayana. it is not something that your dualistic deluded mind actually thinks of. erroneous views that you hold without knowing the secrets will really degenerate you. it seems that you have a view that tibetan practises only vajrayana due to your inadequate information. for your general information the buddhadharma as was preserved in tibet is a genuine and authentic representation and practises of all the three schools as was passed on by the masters of the great nalanda university. As for the vajra vehicle it was taught by the historical buddha manifesting as the primordial buddha vajradhara to the greater boddhisattva sangha and later the siddhas of india who were themselves master of all the sciences and mahapandita of universities like nalanda and vikramashila. and these teachings were transmitted to tibet by the great mahasiddhas out of deep compassion for the people of the land of snow. and the tibetan people have faithfully preserved the teachings without ever diluting it from erroneous views and teahings despite the prosecutions by the demonic king langdharma and most probably his reincarnation as the leader of the peoples republic of china the great demon mao tse tung. Failing in wisdom of emptiness and dependent origination this demon first disrupted every dharma pratices in china and then in tibet. lacking compassion and wisdom dependent origination he ordered all the sparrows to be killed in china ultimately resulting in great famine that took the lives of about 20 million innocent in china alone. so you can see how much beings will be misguided if they lack the view of emptiness and dependent origination and the action of compassion. so you can just for yourself how you partiality view of alavijnana can lead ultimately to such harmful events for the whole of sentient beings. if you cannot lead beings to enlightenment please do not misguide them as their is no other greater crime than misleading beings. if you cannot be of help to others than as a buddhist one should at least refrain from harming others. i even doubt as to whether you are even a buddhist. if you are interested in buddhism i would advise you to first meet a qualified master in your region and take refuge in the triple jewel of the buddha, dharma and sangha keeping in heart and mind the impermanence of life and the advantages of a precious human life.

    1. You have a long essay for me which shows you did not read my first two replies exactly. In fact, it is not easy to explain the entity of the Alayavijnana. That’s why Buddha Shakyamuni said “this dharma is hard to realize and to believe, I would rather go into nirvana than teach it to sentient beings 我寧不說法,疾入於涅槃 ”(Lotus Sutra 妙法蓮華經) at the moment of becoming Buddha before 2500 years in India. That’s why Buddha Shakyamuni sets up three Boddhi Path – three periods to teach his followers to realize the root of Dharma (Alayavijnana) and the way to become Buddha.

      I have two simple questions for you. You don’t need to answer me, but think about what do they mean.

      1. What is emptiness? Based on what we call something “emptiness”? If emptiness means not to make any difference, not to realize: This is my mother, this is my son… What is the difference between human beings and stones and woods? Stones and woods NEVER make difference, do you think they are enlightened? Dogs do not make difference “This is on the street. I should not make sex here”, do you think they are enlightened?

      2. Why does Buddha teach us emptiness? Just to make us not to make any difference, judgement and decision? If it was true, Buddha should teach us to learn from stones and woods. It’s easy and simple, and he didn’t need to teach all his followers for over 50 years.

      Two simple questions for your long essay. I wish you could think about the unreality of conscious self (意識我虛妄)and throw all the teachings away which come from Tibetan Buddhism. As you said, there is no other greater crime than misleading beings. This is exactly what the Lamas were and are doing. They mislead followers to believe in conscious self which makes them far away from achievement of enlightenment. They teach followers to practice tantric sex which are criminal seeds for avici hell. Anyone who has wisdom should stay far away from lamas.

  9. Shakyamuni said “this dharma is hard to realize and to believe, I would rather go into nirvana than teach it to sentient beings",the teacher thought this because he knew that sentient beings have a mind that is always trying to complicate and theorized things under the influence of the three poisons and therefore would not be able to realize the dharma that is simple and free from all complexities, theories and concepts. do not tell me and others that the buddha taught something very sophisticated,complex and conceptual thing such as alayavijnana. the buddha refuted all views and concepts by teaching the view of emptiness throughout the teachings of the three vehicles.
    the view of emptiness has the following purpose:
    1. to clear the obscuration of grasping at truly existent self,
    2. to clear the obscuration of grasping at truly existent phenomena.
    emptiness is not something that what you have a concept about.
    The buddha also taught that even this view of emptiness has to be abandoned once one reaches the other shore just as a sailor has to abandon the boat on reaching the other bank. Thus not even think of concepts like alayavijnana to be real or truly existent.Thus you see your concept of alyavijnana :
    1)contradicts ordinary logic,
    2)contradicts the prajnaparamita sutras,
    3)contradicts the two truths,
    and so on and so forth.
    Even after teaching for 50 years the buddha could not completely eradicate the tendency of complicating and conceptualizing things from few of his disciples let alone me trying to eradicate concepts from your mind in believing that alayavijnana is something real and existent and even asserting that it is root of buddhadharma. Once again i repeat the root of buddhadharma is the compassionate heart of bodhicitta. and it is said in the sutras that bodhicitta is no different than the mind of the buddhas. they never mention alayavijnana.
    I have told you the authenticity of the buddhadharma as practised in tibet. So no need of repeating myself. Whether the lamas are guiding or misleading beings are evident from their untiring effort to preserve the dharma in all its form both inside and out of tibet despite the heavy prosecution by the communists of china.
    No tibetan lama would teach you or anybody to practise sexual ritual because in this degenerate age there are hardly any beings that have realised true emptiness. And if you assert that you understood true emptiness that would be greatest lie ever told and would contradict the bodhisattva vows. Nevertheless there are people with some accumulated merits that have inclination towards vajrayana and request for empowerments and instructions and our authentic lamas and gurus out of deep compassion and very reluctantly grant empowerments and instructions. few people with extraordinary wisdom also see the truth in vajrayana buddhism. You conceptualists and substantialists are in danger of falling to the avici hell for having criticised the sacred vajrayana out of your own delusions.

    1. There is nothing more important than Alayavijnana, unless you are not a Buddhist practioner who tries to get the way of enlightenment. Buddha Shakyamuni said: The nirvana is permanent, still and real. Please observe your conscious self:

      Does it work when one is sleeping, in a coma or in death? Is it permanent?

      Does it come and go when one is aware of something, thinking or making difference? Is it still?

      Does it work without conditions? Does it exist, when they vanish? Is it real?

      You will find out that the conscious self is in contradiction to the nirvana.

      For one who knows exactly what the Alayavijnana is, has no contradiction while he reads the prajnaparamita sutras. Because what the sutras describe, is the Alayavijnana. The reason why you have contradiction is you believe in the statement of conscious self. You have the wrong concepts that the conscious self is real and that it is enlightenment while the conscious self doesn’t make any difference.

      Besides, all you insist are on the basis of conscious self which is criticised strongly by Buddha Shakyamuni. Buddha teaches his followers the conscious self is unreal. They have to observe their first 6 vijnanas are unreal, impermanent, than they have ability to vanish their conscious self, get into nirvana, become Arhat and breaks the cycle of rebirth.

      It is to suggest that you read the Agama Sutra(阿含經)first. It is important for a Buddhist to know that the six vijnanas in Vijnana-Skandha(識陰六識)are unreal and impermanent. The Tibetan Buddhism teaches their followers the six vijnanas are permanent and they could get enlightened when their conscious self doesn’t make any difference within tantric sex. These are fake Buddhist teachings.

  10. If you are asserting that alayavijnana is tathata itself then you are mistaken. once one realizes tathata then one is no longer ordinary one becomes a tathagata. How can you despite of having so many delusions and obscurations come to a sudden conclusion that something truly existent you call alayavijnana is tathata? You are creating more and more delusions with such dangerous assumptions.
    I have already said that the buddha taught the doctrine of emptiness to clear obscurations of clinging to a permanent and truly existing self and phenomena.
    As Arya Nagarjuna has said:
    If the word you say 'fire' was actually really what it meant then your mouth should immediately catch fire at the instant you utter the word fire. Thus its clear that you cannot actually describe in words what is tathata.
    If alayavijnana was actually tathata itself then i should have realised it the instant i utter it or think of it. So you see alayavijnana is not tathata.
    The buddha has stated in the prajnaparamita sutra:
    Just as form is empty know that all other dharmas are also empty.
    So there is question of alayavijnana being truly existent.
    The agama sutras are mainly teachings of the root vehicle of theravada following which one obtains arhatship but not bodhisattvahood and buddhahood.
    For those on bodhisattva path the buddha has asked them to abandon the path of arhathood and pratiyakabuddha.
    Tibetan buddhism teaches all three vehicles of buddhism. So do not be jealous of tibetan buddhism but rejoice becausing rejoicing at others merit transforms jealousy and is a part of seven branch prayer of mahayana.

    1. The Tibetan Buddhism knows a lot of Buddhist terms without knowing what they really mean. They steal these Buddhist terms and put the lamaist teachings into them so that their followers ever do not realize what the terms are really meant.

      You never answer me the questions of unreality of six vijnanas. You don’t know how to observe your six vijnanas to realize and ensure they are unreal. It’s not your fault because your Lama Rinpoche doesn’t know these and can not teach you. If fact, they will never teach you this, because all Lamas need to experience orgasm with six vijnanas. So they will never accept the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni to observe how unreal their Vijnana-Skandha(識陰)is and to find out the Alayavijnana – the real self.

      Tathata(如來)is another name of Alayavijnana. The Tathata has two meanings. One of them is the historical Buddhas who have lived with us and teach us the Buddha Dharma (eg. Shakyamuni before 2500 years in India ). The other meaning is Alayavijnana. Also the historical Shakyamuni (his body) is born by his Alayavijnana.

      The entity of Alayavijnana is emptiness(空性)and has no form. To produce form (eg. our body) is one of his functions. Our body will vanish one day in the future, so it is called empty form(空相. I don’t know what’s his term in English, so I translate it word for word). The entity of emptiness belongs to Alayavijnana, and the empty form belongs to Five-Skandha(五陰): form-skandha, sensation-skandha, perception-skandha, formation-skandha, vijnana-skandha.

      The Five-Skandha is impermanent, is to vanish, is unreal. Vijnana-Skandha(識陰)is one of the skandhas, is also unreal. That’s why Buddha Shakyamuni teaches us the conscious self has to vanish, than it’s possible to find out the real self: Alayavijnana.

      As to the bodhicitta of Tibetan Buddhism is meant to the conscious self which doesn’t make any difference by practicing tantric sex. It belongs to the Vijnana-Skandha which is unreal, impermanent and dualistic. Buddha says again and again that it will block people from realizing the true reality.

      It takes a lot of time to answer you. What a pity you never try to think about what I said and my questions for you. I don’t think it is necessary to answer you again, unless one day you are really willing to realize what is ORTHODOX Buddhism. And my last advice: Never be Maha Mudra of Lamas. It is sex jail for women to provide their sexual organ for lamas practicing tantric sex.

  11. I don't want to take part of this coversation because I'm not a Buddhist and I'm not able to say useful things. But one sentence from Anonymous has to be answered. "No tibetan lama would teach you or anybody to practise sexual ritual......."

    Very right, of course Lamas don't teach tantric rituals, they simply practise them without informing the women. If they did, they ran the risk that the whole world was shocked and would try to stop such teachings. A world wide movement that calls itself respectable teaches sexual rituals to reach enlightement. Unbelievable! No, that's not the way! The way of tantric sexual magic rituals of the Lamas is always confidential. They learned it confidential from ear to ear with consecrations and assignments and they teach it top confidential. The teachings are not meant for the followers but for the inner circle of the Lamas and the Yogis to obtain their power. It's a form of power they never will open for common people. These people, most of all women, are living to be abused and not to be informed.

    And so the black box of Tibetan Buddhism has to be opened.

    I understand that someone who believes in Tibetan Buddhism doesn't want to hear and to read such things. But the writers of this blog and other blogs too don't spend a lot of time to clear up the world of the truth of Tibetan Buddhism because they haven't nothing else to do, but because of the great danger of this movement.

    Sometimes it's hard to see the reality behind our ideas and behind the teachings we thought they are right. This blog helps to rise the curtain.

    1. No, you have said and are saying many useful things to inform others of the true color of Tibetan Buddhism. What a compassion you have! It is really great of you, because people especially the women on the world need to be informed more and more of the tantric sex.

  12. Through this long debate you have seen how your theory of alayavijnana
    1) has no basis at all and has failed even ordinary logic.
    2)has contradicted the prajnaparamita sutras.
    3)has no bodhicitta -the mind of awakening for the sake of all beings.
    4)are favored by thirthikas since you both share common views in an independent substance.
    5)Not mahayana in all sense.
    6)Doubt whether you even practice the basic vehicle.
    7)Perhaps not even a buddhist school.
    8)Messed up with Taoism and confucianism.
    You don't have even the basic understanding of Mahayana. So Vajrayana is not going to be a piece of cake for you.
    Because of your own lack of wisdom and insight and obscured by delusion don't blame vajrayana.
    One more thing for you people:
    If you stop criticizing vajrayana and practices your alayavijnana seriously then you might end up somewhere in the formless god realms otherwise you people are sure to fall into the deepest avici hell for having disparaged the mantra vehicle out of your delusion.

    1. Many thanks for your time and energy to write. I do appreciate your sincerity and willingness to help others though.

      As you mentioned earlier, it does need accumulated merits and virtues of countless past lives to get close to the Buddha dharma, especially to reach the true essence of Mahayana.

      It will take months to reply your questions in details; I only raise two points here:
      1. One of the Buddha's title is "The Unsurpassed Lord" which you would also agree upon, I presume. So your statement "do not tell me and others that the buddha taught something very sophisticated,complex and conceptual thing such as alayavijnana." The Buddha's teachings are exactly the wondrous cultivaiton methods to transcend the desire-ralm, which are not the ordinary basic instinct as "the birds and the bees." Indeed, the teachings of Alayavijnana do need a lot of brain using and daily observations.

      2. Your statment "...The root of buddhadharma is boddhicitta from the method aspect and the wisdom of emptiness from the prajna aspect and complete enlightenment is achieved when one realises the inseperability of compassion and emptiness." If enlightenment is simply based on everyone's realizing and speculation upon the inseperablility of compassion and emptiness in whatever aspect, which still remains within the scope of the desire-realm, not even reaching the form or formless realms. If "emptiness" is the final target for Buddhist cultivation, why should anyone study Buddhism? Since everything would eventually become empty, what's good of learning or not?

      Actually, you have raised many good points which worth discussing for all readers to ponder over.
      As your stated, even the thought of emptiness should be eliminated; may I ask you, how could you know your thought is empty or not? This elimination thought is also within the perceiving mind!

      Nevertheless, as you have stated, eveyone does need ones own good meirts to reach the true dharma.

      For your own sake, please be very cautious when debating over our subjects, do focus on the topics, and not on persoanl attacks or remarks. Thank you.

    2. Thanks for your complements. It is really kind of you. Due to the limits of language ability, I can not make good explanations of Buddhist teachings as well as you. Thanks again!

  13. You are much too modest, TK.
    Here is another piece of scandalous news regarding Tantra or Yoga teachings for your reference; maybe this info could be helpful to some of your readers.


    1. I will copy it for this blog. It will help others realize the true color of tantric sex. The public have to be informed. Thanks!

  14. Here is something quite nice to share for the ones who are really interested in the insights of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.