All Formations are Impermanent and Belong to the Dharma of Arising and Ceasing


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Hence, the Tathagata immediately says in verse: All formations are impermanent and belong to the dharma of arising and ceasing; after the extinction of all that arises and ceases, the cessation shall bring a state of bliss. Having stated the verse, the Tathagata then tells all bhiksus, “You should know that all formations are truly impermanent. Although now I belong to the vajra entity, unavoidably my physical body is still impermanent and subject to change. It is extremely dreadful to be in the cycle of births and deaths; you should practice diligently with a view to getting away from this fiery pit of births and deaths as soon as possible. This is the last instruction of mine.” - The Great Nirvana Sutra, Vol. 3


  1. Q: Nowadays, do you know how many Westerners (and Asian alike) truly believe that by descending bright drop (bindu, an imagined light spot in the body) and having sex can be a way to achieve enlightenment or attain Buddhahood?

    A: I haven't the slightest idea. Why would anyone even care?

    Q :...Actually, most people don't know or care what an "aggregate", a "sense-root" or a "vijnana" is. And they are probably no worse off for not knowing, either....

    A: True enough! You have the right point.
    As most people have heard of, we are staying in the sahā world, which means a world that must be endured. The whole population would not care for the vijnanas or five aggregates, apart from those who truly wish to know or curious about Buddhist teachings.

    I will explain why vijnanas, sense-roots or five aggregates are crucial to every Buddhist.
    It is because the code to attain liberation or enlightenment is hundred percent to do with the five aggregates. Once the Buddhist practitioners gain full comprehension of the five aggregates, they will be able to observe that the five aggregates can only arise depending on conditions. In other words, the five aggregates cannot exist independently; they are dharmas of arising and ceasing by nature, which is called the worldly phenomena.

    In essence, to build up the knowledge of the interactions among the perceiving subjects (our sensual organs) and the perceived objects (sense-objects) took about 12 years of the Buddha’s time. These are the first round of dharma transmission, mainly focus on the detailed functions of the five aggregates, the twelve links of dependent arising, impermanent, etc. All worldly phenomena are based on an everlasting eternity – the Buddha nature.

    As for those sharp capacity disciples, they will go further to uncover what is actually behind all these conditioned dharmas and set to experience the Buddha nature (attain enlightenment) in person. The Buddha nature does not subsumed under the five aggregates or worldly phenomena, thus It does not possess any of the characteristics of the worldly phenomena. (Part 1)

  2. Now, let’s have a look at what the Dalai Lama taught:
    http://sacred-sex.org/scriptures/buddhi ... hakra.html
    Dalai Lama: Sex and Kalachakra
    Advice for Keeping the Vows and Beginning Kalachakra Practice
    The Vow Not to Lose Seminal Energy-Drops

    Whatever terms used by Tibetan sexual practices, including highest yoga tantra, guru yoga, Guthyasamaja, dual operation of bliss and emptiness, kundalini (inner heat 拙火), and semen retention, etc. all belong to worldly kong-fu 功夫or martial arts. These practices have nothing to do with Buddhist cultivation of attaining liberation or enlightenment.
    We can check (2) by using the correct understanding of (1).

    For instance, the practice of “semen retention.”
    The Dalai Lama wrote in his book Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying
    “In both ordinary sexual intercourse and in the sexual union practiced by advanced Tantric practitioners, the regenerative fluids move to the point of the genitals. The difference between the two types of sexual act is the control of the flow of regenerative fluids.”

    Therefore, experienced Tantric practitioners are able to reverse the flow of regenerative fluids, even when they have reached the tip of the genitals and are on the verge of being released.

    This practice requires the interactions of all five aggregates, the form-aggregate, formation-aggregate, perception-aggregate, sensation-aggregate and the vijnana-aggregate, which all fall within the scope of the phenomenal world.

    From (3) we can see that the sexual practice belongs to the worldly arising and ceasing dharms, and one does not attain any Buddhist wisdom by utilizing the five aggregates. Besides, the practitioners do not even realize the fact that they are just having sex with a euphemistic term; especially for those female partners.

    Without correct understanding of the Buddha dharma, the tantric practitioners truly believe that they are able to achieve liberation or enlightenment via assiduous exercises. They will pass on this “Buddhist” practice to sincere and willing adherents.

    Any individual does not have to be a Buddhist to understand the five aggregates, if one gains some proper understanding of Buddhism, he/she will be able to distinguish correct Buddhist teachings from erroneous ones.

    Where could we find the Buddhist wisdom to transcend the desire realm?
    It starts with the correct understanding of the five aggregates, otherwise, the Buddhist cultivation cannot advance further, as we will hold on to all various states of our five aggregates and deem them to be the target of enlightenment. That’s why the first round of dharma transmission took the Buddha more than 10 years to establish fundamental knowledge for the disciples. (Part 2/end)

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