Lamas are Obligated to Have Sex Every Day

Lama Ole Nydahl and Couple-Practice Statue
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Here are two different facts to be considered:

At first Nydahl seemed to be a man with a great sexual desire in the past, before he had become a follower of tantric-tibetan Lamaism. Hopefully that made him , his wife Hannah and his girlfriends happy. Nothing is to say against it, if no one was hurted.

Then he turned to be a devotee and brought in his alternative lifestyle - he and Hannah were just Hippies on their way to the next flash - into his new believing system. And as I wrote in my Open Letter, "he was itching for the sexual promises of the secret Tantras." Shamar explained it in his text quite well.
Nydahl seemed to be so eager for tantric teachings, that he got them from different teachers, 16. Karmapa, Tenga and Kalu and the very controversery Lama Chen.

And here I disagree with Shamar: Karmapa did not give him the teachings by courtesy, but by deeply looking in Nydahl´s charakter. Nothing but sex could have made him such a fundamentalistic follower.
Then he got specific enaugurations, a process of the opening of his Kundalini began and the result was, what the Tibetan call liberation or enlightment. Without going here to far he learnt to control his erotic power -I saw him once sitting on the platform while my frst Phowa course and while looking at his womb I saw, he had an erection - and is now able to act as a Tantric master. The erection is one of the holy sign of those masters and the energy of it is spreading into the room, the tantric form of blessing. It is nothing but a sign of power and of surrender.

On this left-handed path you have to make specific vows. One of the most important vow is to keep all the practises secretely, otherwise you will go to Vajra hell. Holpfully Nydahl does not beliefe in that concept.

Annother vow means that you are obligated to have sex every day. Ole Nydahl seriously keeps the vow by never sleeping alone and veil the the vow´s charakter by faking a promiscouous lifestyle. For the most of us that seems to be incredible because we normally link vows in a religious context with celibacy. Of course all the so called high Incarnations know the secrete vows very well, the most of them took them as well as Nydahl. Only Shamar seems to stand allof from that practises.

And here Kalu comes in. Altough he was a monk at the same time he acted as Tantra master and was allowed, no, even obligated to have consorts. The only trick was to keep that for secret. June Campell as a really hero tore the curtain of this patriarchal bigotry.

And I am going to tore the curtain from the secret transferences I was involved in.

Lamaism is not Buddhism!

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