"Guidebook to self-immolation" by Dalai Lama Clique - Evidence of Hands Behind the Tragedies

CCTV-【"Guidebook to self-immolation" Evidence of hands behind the tragedies】



National broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) on Thursday evening aired a documentary on self-immolations that have occurred in the country's Tibetan-inhabited areas.

Centering on so-called "Guidebook to self-immolation" (or "Self-immolation Guide") produced by the Dalai Lama clique and how the clique has manipulated the incidents, the documentary is aimed at helping the international community to understand the truth of the situation, according to a statement issued by central authorities.

The statement said the program was created through in-depth research and interviews conducted by CCTV reporters in areas where the incidents occurred.

CCTV International broadcasted the documentary in Chinese at 9:30 p.m. Thursday. The program later was aired in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.


  1. in the past..I believed your orgnization is good..bcz its really concern about Buddhism..if you want evidence..you can see my old comments in youtube support your orgnization in there allegation that all tibetan distort Buddhism with tantric sex..which is not true too that all tibetan pracitce it..some do not..its depend on abbot

    however..after I see the political news here against tibetan spread, racist news against them. which is against your orgnization claim that did not interefer in politics..and the worst..its support CCP's lies

    I know the true goal of your orgnization..which is of course not Buddhism..but politics..and all know what does politics mean here

    1. I google the YouTube with your name, and I found this film: “A Thai Buddhist Monk Is Having Fun” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RlSgGq4AMI)

      How do you think to this live show of a Thai Buddhist monk having sex with a woman??????

      Lamas do this ALSO!!!!!!

      If you are a supporter of political Tibet, you don’t need to visit this blog. My blog has nothing to do with political things!

      If you a Buddhist, stop your slanderous words to me. None Buddhists are agree with tantric sex!!

  2. Ok, I am not intrested in Politics, I am intrested in Buddhism, otherwise, I wouldn't keen in the issue that there is a tantric sex in Tibetan Buddhism

    however, I see your site has begin post about politics!! and you deny what you post

    Can I know what do Xinjiang being coloniased by China or not doing with Buddhism??? even Xinjiang is not Buddhist, but muslim


    your title here about tibetan self immolation being done by dalai lama or not, or China resposnible or not..etc, what do all of these things do with Buddhism????

    I never see any buddhist site post like these things between countries and claim this is Buddhism??? and not plitics!!! its a lie in the sun

    1. Did you learn Buddhist teachings by any Buddhist teacher? Did he/she teach you Buddhist precepts?

      In Dharmagupta-vinaya (四分律, a collection of Buddhist precepts), it is written definitely that it is sinful if a Buddhist commits suicide. In other words, Buddha Shakyamuni forbidden Buddhists to commit suicide.

      The XIV Dalai Lama insists he is a Buddhist, but he does not follow the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni. As a Buddhist, as a "Buddhist" leader, he could forbid his followers to immolate themselves. But he didn't. In contradiction, he encourages them to commit suicide. It means, Dalai Lama is not a Buddhist, but a great worldly politician.

  3. yes, there is a scandal for every religion, this include Buddhism

    its happen, not only in Tibet, and tantric sex is not practiced by all

    see this site, which you will find answers for some accusation against Tibetan Buddhism


    my point here is, you have to know that tibetan buddhism is not a one order, its vary from tradition to another

    for example, the tradition lead by Lama Zope Renpoche require Buddhist to be Vegetarians..while other tibetan buddhist tradition did not require to be vegetarians and so on

    so I guess its better at least to list some specific tibetan traditions, that advocate tantric sex..instead of generalize for the whole tibetan Buddhism!!

    so, you will avoid the accusation from others that there is politics or racism behind your orgnization

    1. Do you know why tantric sex is not practiced by all? The reason is: Only the qualified LAMAs are allowed to practice tantric sex. Who are qualified? Those who have ability to control their semen (= not ejaculate) during sexual practice.

      Yes, Lamaism is vary from tradition to others, but not Buddhism. Buddha Shakyamuni never teaches His followers to practice tantric sex.

  4. So the Chinese government have evidence? Like those one in 2008?

    High ranked jurist came to this conclusion!


    "And what about the oft-repeated claim by the Chinese government that the Dalai Lama "clique" had masterminded the violence in Lhasa? Premier Wen Jiabao himself had stated at a press conference in March 2008 that China had "ample evidence" of this. One would have expected the trials to be a great opportunity to shed some light onto the still opaque set of circumstances that led to the violence on March 14-15, 2008. If there had been such a "plan," why has none of that "ample evidence" been produced in an open court? And why was it that the police withdrew from Lhasa during key times, effectively permitting the violence to escalate? We still do not know."

    Five years after: None of these "ample evidence" are shown to the public!

    In 2009, the jurist conclude:
    "The government claims that all the Tibetans sentenced, including those receiving the death penalty, have been tried according to law. If that is in fact the case, then the Chinese government has little to hide. Secrecy about the proceedings, on the other hand, suggests that the government recognizes that these trials are so summary as to be incapable of withstanding public and international scrutiny."

    1. For Buddhists, it is definitely clear the both break Buddhist precepts: the one who commits suicide and the other one who encourages others to immolate themselves. Dalai Lama, as the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, breaks Buddhist precepts seriously since he uses the self-immolation to be international issue instead of telling his followers: It is sinful to commit suicide; Buddha Shakyamuni forbids immolation!

  5. The Dalai Lama is not the leader of Tibetan Buddhism!

    He was:

    - until 1959: the secular authority of what is nowadays know as TAR (= Tibet Autonomous Region), a fraction of what is known as Tibet!

    - until 2011/12: the leader of the Tibetan government in exile

    He is still a high lama of the gelug school.


    Where did the Dalai Lama encourage people to kill themselves?

    1. To your question about self-immolation please read:

      Tibetan Suicide Protests Violate Buddhist Ethics (Immolation and pedophilia)

      American Professor Stephen Prothero: Dalai Lama should condemn Tibetan self-immolations

  6. Obviously, there are more people interested in politics than in Buddhism itself!

    Alas, TK can talk about Buddhist precepts and doctrines, but most people still willfully draw the subject to Chinese government and politics!

    1. Bingo! As you said, most people do not care the Event of Living and Dying. They are just curious about Buddhism, but more interested in politics.