Hi Lamas, to Practice Taichichuan (太極拳, One of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts) Is More WEIS and Better Than Tantric Sex

(Tai-Chi sculpture by Taiwanese Ming Zhu.)
(Foto: www.xulei007.blog.hexun.com.tw)

Asian Herculus VS Taichichuan Master Chen:


Neither the Asian Herculus nor 20 Taichichuan practitioners can move the Master Chen one step. Why? The secret is the Yin-Yang theory – the balanced status in every system: The Master Chen takes over the external power and transfers it through his body to the earth. (Attention: He is the passive one, not the active; he accepts the external power and transfers it. But how with the Lamas? They ABSORB the female gynergy to transfer it to universal power to become the Kalachakra King. To control the whole universe is the purpose of Tantric sex, the essence of Lamaism.)

The Wisdom of Tai-chi and Yin-yang by Taichichuan Master Xiao-Wang Chen (With English subtitle)


Yin-yang thought is the Chinese ancient wisdom. It’s a balanced status in every system – balanced relationship between human being and universe, between sky and earth, between one person and others. And of course between man and woman during intercourse.

Actually, not to ejaculate is easy for the practitioners of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. But they merely think it is worth to boast. They don’t see bliss and sexuality as the most important achievement. Since Lamas eager for the bliss of none ejaculation, to practice Chinese Internal Martial Arts is more wise and better than Tantric sex. (The Tantric sexal practice is NOT taught by Buddha Shakyamuni!)

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