Bodhisattvas Can Give the Lion’s Roar

Only bodhisattvas have the ability to protect the huge castle of true Buddhism and uphold all Buddhas’ dharmas because bodhisattvas have the great wisdom and the empowerment from Buddhas. The empowerment means the blessings from Buddhas. Without the blessings from Buddhas, bodhisattvas would not be able to achieve the varied dharmas. Thus, bodhisattvas can give the Lion’s Roar—that is, bodhisattvas loudly preach the great Buddhahood-Way; in addition, bodhisattvas can completely refute the evil dharmas which mislead sentient beings, and eliminate the evil dharmas from Buddhism. This is called the Lion’s Roar.

-- Pings Xiao, A Discourse on What Upasaka-Bodhisattva Vi-mala-kirti Said Sutra, Vol. 1, True Wisdom Publisher, Taipei, 2007/12/07


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