Attack of lamas shows exactly Tibetan Buddhism is NOT Buddhism

The photo of Justice is not strange to the Western. With this photo is to say: There is no road of compromise with revealing the true color of Tibetan Buddhism! More attacks from lamas prove more strongly they are not Buddhists. If there is any lama/follower willing to threaten others who reveal the shadow of the Tibetan Buddhism and who speak out their experiences of sexual sacrifice, the time to come under the justice is waiting for him. Do not challenge anyone who reaveals the darkness of Lamaism. The power of justice is stronger than your imagination.

In these days, there are more and more blogs reveal the true color of Tibetan Buddhism. We do know it is dangerous, because the lamas and their followers are aggressive. The lamas have black magic to send evils to threaten anyone who damages their benefits. It means, when all over the world know exactly lamas are fake Buddhists who are always interested in having sex with women and getting their superpower all over the universal, they take aggressive acts against those who dare open their secrets.

With this article, it is to point out: The truth is always truth. How hard the Tibetan and Western lamas try, it is not easy anymore to cheat others and make them believe in Lamaism. Do not think the aggressive acts of lamas will be successful to make us to hide at home and stop revealing the truth. In the other hand, the aggressive acts of lamas/followers prove exactly that lamas are not Buddhists and Tibetan Buddhism is not Buddhism. Their aggressive acts show that we do not misunderstand the lamas.

It is a huge catastrophe the Tibetan Buddhism spreading out globally. More worse is that the Western world accepts Tibetan Buddhism as the orthodox Buddhism. How wonderful it is to enjoy sex to get Enlightenment! How wonderful it is by eating meat to help others get out of the place where they are suffering! All these are not Buddhist practices. There is no Buddhist could get Enlightenment without giving up the wordly desires!

This article is written to muster all courage who criticize the Tibetan Buddhism.


  1. Dear Ms. Riepe:

    Thanks for checking my blog and leaving a message. I must say sorry to you and hide one part of your message in order to protect the person who is threatened by lamas now.

    Your message said:

    "In my case Ole Nydahl and his Karmapa have a photo, they have my hair and they have pieces of my clothes. But they cannot harm me because I do not believe in black magic, I do not believe in any method of voodoo. This is nothing else than self-hypnosis, it works only in your soul. And then it works. You posted my lecture about the abuse of trance-and hypnosis-methods in Tibetan Buddism and I analysed there the way how phenomenas are growing up in ones mind. They have nothing to do with ghosts, they are just mental phenomenas in your own mind which can harm you very badly. That is my result. May be because of the differences of our cultures, the way we are socialised, the questions we are used to have and the way we get our answers we have such different views. I find my view very helpful and full of freedom which is one of my highest worths.

    With many regards, Marte-Micaela Riepe"

    What you said is absolutely right! I have posted your lecture about ritualabuse by Ole Nydahl (sorry again, I have to take off the post now with the same reason) and commented: The black magic exists in our phenomenal world. It works just when one’s consciousness accepts it. In our experience, if one’s health is in bad condition, the black magic works easily on him. But what you said is absolutely right!

    I would like to thank you again for your permission of posting/translation your report of ritualabuse. I trust that the justice stand by us, and it will not be waited for a long time to post all of the reports of sexual victims again.

    You are a women with huge courage! Your lecture helps others realize the tantric sexual practice in Tibetan Buddhism and know how to get away from lamas. I will never give up to reveal the true side of Tibetan Buddhism. It’s time to end the misleading of Tibetan Buddhism which never belongs to orthodox Buddhism.

    Thank you again!

    With warm wishes,


  2. Q : Go and have a look at Tibetan classics such as Tsongkhapa's "Golden Garland" or his "Great Exposition of the Stages of the Path", and then tell me why Tibetan Buddhism is not Buddhism.
    A: As per requested, here is a piece from Tsongkhapa's writing for your reference, said in the Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path, Vol. 13:
    “Someone who ask the teacher for empowerment should make offerings first. A curtain is used as a screen. The disciple understands very well that the teacher is vajrasattva. Wisdom mothers with complete samaya, whose genitals are healthy and who are virgins over the age of 12 etc., are offered to the teacher. Just like the statement in the second chapter of Sutra on Great-Seals: “One should choose females who are most wise, virtuous, with slender eyes, having a wondrous dignified face, and aged from 12 to 16, or 20 if difficult to obtain. Females over 20 are used in other seals (mudra) because it will make all the stages of practice impossible to attain. One’s sisters, daughters, or wife are offered to the teacher.” (Tsongkhapa, Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path, translated into Chinese by dharma-master Fazun, Wondrous Favor Publishin Co., 1986, p. 376)”
    What would you say? To offer your sisters, daughters or even wife to your male guru teacher, is this moral?

  3. Dear TK,

    You are a widely readed and very litaraly referred to tibetan-tantric texts. It is a great pleasure to read your posts and comments like this one.

    As you know, I am such a woman who was used in one sexual tantra as you cited above. But you ask for moral? There is none. Women are just material for reaching the so called enlightment.
    No relationship, no love, no friendship counts. They are are psychopaths. With a warm heart and a human ethic you are not able to practise these tantras. Therefore it is important -that is whritten in the ninth chapter of kalashakra- tantra- to open the kundalini of the consorts, in which state you loose your empathy for yourselve and others as well as your former personality. And the whole guru-yoga brainwashing attend the rest.

    When I saw Nydahl in Poland 2005 after he opened my kundalini he offered me to his teacher by making the offering-mudra while he was looking at me, crying many tears and beeing his teacher overgreatful, what he was saying.

    Later, at home, I had so strong visions in which I had to have sex with the young karmapa that I was crying and saying: I cannot do that. The imagination was so strong! It felt like to be raped. Even when I am whriting about that I am unable to breath.
    Today my mind is strong and I can mercifully balance the phenomenas of an opened kundalini and got my life back. That was a hard work!

    My best wishes for You and Yan

  4. Dear Ms. Riepe,

    You are a very, very courageous woman! Due to your message, I can not say anything but you are a person with strong life! As you said, there is no morality, no ethic, no pity, no kindness to women in Tibetan Buddhism/Lamaism. What’s the lamas eager for, is power and sex, no matter in which method. The followers of Tibetan Buddhism insist always all of the news and reports are isolated incidents. This shows they never realize what the essence of Tantric teachings is. So many sacrificed women suffer from the ritualabuse, so many women cry in darkness… I can not understand why did the followers never see how innocent these women are!

    No more tears, no more darkness! What we can do is: No more silence! The Scottish June Campbell is a good example for all of the ritual abusive woman. She speaks out her experience to prevent women all over the world to become lamas’ sex slave. Yes, women all over the world - not only the Western, but also the Eastern! It is a very, very great contribution of her! This contribution is unbelievable great which will brings wellbeing to her.

    I appreciate your message so much. Because I do understand it is not easy for women to speak out their abusive experience. Your courageous message/report will help more and more women get away from the lamas of Tantric Buddhism. Just like June Campbell, it’s a very great contribution of you!

    Keep courage, Ms. Riepe! You are not the single one to struggle against the shadow of lamas. More and more women will join in. When they see a courageous woman like you in the sun, they will leave the darkness behind them and struggle against lamas with you.

    Warm wishes,


  5. Dear Ms. Riepe, may I translate your messages to Chinese and post them on the website? I think your these messages will help other women to recognize the ture color of Tibetan Buddhism and get away from the lamas. It will help a lot of women, and it will be a very great contribution of you. I hope so much that you are willing to agree.

    Best wishes,


  6. Dear TK.,

    yes of course you may translate my posts into chinese. And all of them I might post in the future.

    It is so important to buildt communication struktures like translations are for helping women in dispaired situations.

    My best wishes for your great work!

  7. Dear T.K.,

    in the moment I'm not able to write my own blog because I have to take good care of myself. But I want to support your work and the comments of Mrs. Riepe.

    I want to tell all the readers that not only Tibetan Buddhism is Tantrism. I think it's important informing the women all over the world not only Tibetan Buddhism knows about Tantric methods but also other Buddhist and Hindu sects. The Tantric man who abused me was a German and a so called "Shivaist". He meditated on Shiva. And I think, he got his "training" in India. But I also think that Tibetan Buddhism made perfect Trantism and its terrible results of maltreatments.

    The chief characteristic of Tantrism is not alone the direct bodily sex abuse - I never had sex with this Tantric man - but the opening, no the BREAKING OPEN, of woman's Kundalini Energy. We have to know, that's an act of violence in the energy body of the women. From this it follows terrible bodily and mental problems. The women are not informed and they are not asked, if they want this opening. The Tantra master do it regardless of health and life of the women.

    We have to know that Lamas, Gurus and other Tantric men do such crimes. And we have to know that this all has nothing to do with love, relationship or something else. About many years they have trained to live without any emotion. They are robots and - as Trimondis write in their book "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama" - they need VEHICLES which pull them on their way to enlightment. And these vehicles are women and their sexual and their Kundalini Energy.

    Having sex is one form of opening Kudalini Energy. And for those people who now think, oh wonderful, an opened Kundalini, that's the way to enlightment for the women too, I only say, no, it is not the right way!! A broken open Kundalini in Tantrism means for the women changing their lifes comletely. They have to fight with bodily and mental phenomenons and they have to work hard to stay with a clear brain and a clear mind in their lifes. They are not able to go to work and for a long time they are not able to live their life as usual.

    Because of my experiences I say to the women of this world: Refrain from Tibetan Buddhism and refrain from all other forms of Tantra.

    With best wishes for you and your work

  8. My Dear Bravest Heroines:
    You are the selected ones to speak out the truth against Tibetan Tantrism, you are the blessed children of the Buddha. Please take good care of yourselves and have confidence in yourselves and the Buddha, when you speak the truth to the world, you are speaking for the Buddha. I do have my respect for your tremendous courage!

    Buddha's son, with joint palms

  9. Dear Ms. Riepe,

    How great you agree with the translation! I appreciate it very much. At this moment, we need to spread out the voice of ritual victims which prevents others join in the Tantric sexualpractices. What we are doing now will have an effect on our society - I mean the Western and Eastern both.

    I agree with your point of view. The translation is good for spreading-out of the true color of Tantric Buddhism. On the other hand, to write a book is also helpful for other women. The voice from insiders of Tantric Buddhism is powerful. Just like June Campbell.

    Thank you for your agreement! Let's keep on moving.


  10. Take care of yourself, dear Ms. Anonymous. Your health is the most important thing what you should care about now. It is thankful that you care much about the informing. It is helpful that you wrote this message to support Ms. Riepe.

    I do not see the Tantric men as human beings. They use sacrificed women as battery in order to reload their own energy. They don't care how other feel and what they need. No compassion, no kindness, no relationship. These are not character of human beings. Especially the lamas... they pretend to be Buddhist and harm others terribly.

    As you said, not only Tibetan Buddhism but also other Buddhist and Hindu sects do Tantric practices. That's why we need to work hard to tell others the true color of Tantra. It is the greatest devil to harm one's spirit and body. If everyone on the earth knows his true face, the Tantric practitioner could not harm anyone more.

    I appreciate your message very much. And I am glad to hear from you. Somentimes I think of you how you are doing. Your message supports and encourages me. I will step forward. Take care! Get your health back again!

    Your TK.

  11. TK, I've researched the Jonang sect. I could be wrong, but according to the information I found, it is a branch of the Gelug school (the Dalai Lama's sect) that preserves the oldest teachings and practices of the Gelug, meaning that it is an unreformed sect that still practices sexual tantra with live consorts.

    Be careful with any Tibetan sect. Even if a group says it practices a "reformed" tradition, this doesn't mean there aren't corrupt monks in that tradition.

    1. Yes, the Jonang school nowadays practices tantric sex. Meanwhile, the Jonang group in history, especially during the life time of Dolpopa and Taranatha, they and their students do not practice tantric sex. Sunyata (Other Emptiness) is the root practice of both leaders. Sunyata follows the most important teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni (the root of Buddha Dharma): Alayavijnana. All buddhist teachings come from Alayavijnana.

      But Sunyata was not allowed by the powerful V Dalai Lama, so the V. Dalai Lama vanished the Jonang group, and banished Taranatha. Further more, he distorted the publications of Jonang school and slandered that Dolpopa and Taranatha and their students do practice Kalachakra and tantric sex.

      Jonang group in history is the only one who does not practice tantric sex under tibetan schools. In this context, the Jonang school in history is the real Tibetan Buddhism. Since the Jonang school is vanished by the Great V Dalai Lama, the REAL Tibetan Buddhism disapears in the history. The Tibetan Buddhism nowadays is Lamaism, not Buddhism at all.

      Thanks for your coming and leaving important information.