All Dharmas Originate from Fundamental Consciousnesses (Alayavijnana)

When nothing is obtained in every dharma is termed “having achieved bodhi.” That bodhi is there only caters for the Buddhist novices. Arhat’s attainment of fruition of liberation is a case in point. He verifies nothing is obtainable in dharmas whereas bodhi is said to be there in secular terms. Yet the truth is: bodhi is never obtainable.
-- The Sutra on the Magnificent Bodhi Mind that Buddha Expounds


All minds, all mental functions, all deeds, and all objects of the three-realms are dharmas originating from fundamental consciousnesses (TK: vijnana). Even the mountains, the rivers, and the great earth, which serve as the performing stage for receiving karmic effects and creating new karmas, result from the effects of karmic seeds stored in the fundamental consciousnesses (TK: vijnana) of karmically related sentient beings. Therefore, all dharmas originate from fundamental consciousnesses (TK: vijnana).
-- Pings Xiao, The Correct Meanings of “The Agama Sutras”, Vol. 5, True Wisdom Publisher, Taipei, 2007/04/01


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