True Face of the Dalai Lama: Playing around with all women in the world (3) The true facts of the Couple-Practice Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism

3.2 Love for All—Having sexual love with many female followers for the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness of Mahayoga

(The couple-body statue in sitting posture in North Pagoda Huguo Dharma Wheel Temple, Shengyang, China. Photograph taken on December 13, 2009.)

The Tibetan fake Buddhism claims that Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) is the most ultimate Buddha dharma. However, it is only the lamas’ wishful thinking. The real Buddha dharma can never be like that. What is the essence of Lamaistic Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness)? To be frank, it is to have love for all, to “have sexual love with all the beautiful young female followers one by one”. The true meaning of love for all from the Dalai Lama is to make all the beautiful young female followers and lamas dwell in the state of orgasm together. To have the smart wisdom of maintaining orgasm for a long duration and to be willing to make all the females achieve orgasm with happiness for a long time during sexual intercourse are actually the compassion told by the Dalai Lama. In his book, the Dalai Lama says:

A practitioner who has firm compassion and wisdom can make use of sexual intercourse in the spiritual path as a technique for strongly focusing consciousness and manifesting the fundamental innate mind of clear light. Its purpose is to actualize and prolong the deeper levels of mind in order to put their power to use in strengthening the realization of emptiness. (Dalai Lama XIV/translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkins, Mind of Clear Light: Advice on living well and dying consciously, Atria Books, 2003, p.176.)

He says again in his another book:

According to the New translation Schools, at a certain high point in the practice of Secret Mantra, the mantrika engages in special practices such as making use of a sexual partner, hunting animals, and so forth. Though it is easy to explain the purpose of employing a partner as a means of bringing desire to the path and inducing subtler consciousnesses which realize emptiness, the hunting of animals cannot be explained that way. (The XIV Dalai Lama, Kindness, Clarity, & Insight, Snow Lion Publications, 1988, p.219.)

Obviously, the lamas are using the female followers as the sexual partners to have the practice of extensive copulations. They give it a dignified name and say that it is to “strengthen the realization of emptiness” . Actually, the gurus or lamas desire to have sex with most of the female followers; under the guise of Buddhist term “enlightenment,” they seduce the beautiful young females. (In fact, they refuse to have sex with the ugly old females, violating the spirit of love for all.) What the Dalai Lama preaches is “a fake Buddhism that makes use of sexual partners”.

(The sex scandals about the tantric lamas happen in many different places. The dharma-kings, lamas, or living-buddhas, have copulation with all the beautiful young female believers like this. They dignify it with the name of couple practicing the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness.)

Therefore, it is clearly understood that the Dalai Lama makes use of sexual partners to achieve the purpose of the couple-practice of copulation of Mahayoga, which is actually the final goal of Tibetan fake Buddhism preached by the Dalai Lama. Therefore, in the books of the Dalai Lama, it explains very clearly that the practice of the Secret Mantra in Lamaism needs to have an actual practice with a sexual partner eventually. It actually needs to have sex with the female followers, but the Dalai Lama purposely says in the end: “…, the hunting of animals cannot be explained that way.” This is a cover-up. Actually, they only use “the statement of hunting animals” as a cover for their practice of Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) with sexual partners. In his another English book, the Dalai Lama claims:

The three lower tantras do involve using in the bliss that arises upon looking at, smiling at, and holding hands or embracing a meditated Knowledge Woman (consort); (The XIV Dalai Lama, Deity Yoga: In Action and Performance Tantra, Snow Lion Publications, New York, 1981, p.211.)

Therefore, the lower level tantras involve the meditation on “looking at, smiling at, holding hands or embracing” a sexual partner. However, the higher tantra is to have an actual practice of Mahayoga with a real female follower; namely, their final goal is to have an actual couple-practice of copulation (Mahayoga) with female partners, the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness that make both of the couple achieve orgasm. Hence, the Dalai Lama repeatedly mentions “the sexual partner” in his books.

Therefore, for the lamas of Tibetan fake Buddhism, “the sexual partner” plays a very important role. For this reason, it is understood why they are often accused of sexual assaults—when the female follower is unwilling to have the couple-practice with the lama and the lama mistakenly thinks that she only pretends to be shy, a scandal breaks after the lama has sexually assaulted her. And yet, more female followers are misled by the claim of “attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime” , wrongly thinking that the couple-practice of copulation (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) is real Buddhism. Therefore, the female followers are seduced by the lamas and have the couple-practice of copulation with the lamas privately. It is a forever secret between the female followers and the lamas; their husbands will never know the truth throughout their whole life. It is because “Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism)” focuses on the couple-practice of copulation, which is their core doctrine and theory.

From the evidence of so many examples, we should notice why the Dalai Lama says “making use of a sexual partner” in many of his books. From the books of another tantric guru, Yogi C.M. Chen, a famous great practitioner of White Hat Sect, we can find a more definite answer. Through his explanation, the readers can understand why the lamas of Tibetan “Buddhism” (Lamaism) need to have the couple-practice of copulation with the female followers. In a Chinese book of Yogi C.M. Chen, he said explicitly:

You cannot just use the method of visualization. An actual physical female is needed, which is exactly what happens in the third empowerment. Why do you have to use an actual physical female but not a visualized one? It is because the physical conditions of a visualized female are not good enough (Editor’s note: the physical conditions refer to the ejaculated semen and the union of two sex organs.) in comparison to those of an actual physical one (Editor’s note: female consort). With an actual physical female, on a sublimated basis, one can have an actual practice and therefore gain the real wisdom. For example, although you try to visualize a female, over and over, you still cannot get your penis stiff. Once you have a real female, your penis becomes stiff and active in having sex, and can perform the real function. (Editor’s note: the function that can ejaculate the semen, which is used as the nectar in secret empowerment) (C.M. Chen, Yogi Chen's Literary Work Collections, Vol. 1, edited by Xu Jinting, Samantabhadra Audio Publishing Co., 1991, p.238.)

These words are extremely rude and explicit, like the dirty words in lower class people; however, the description is rather frank and straight. The Dalai Lama conveys the same meaning in his book and says:

In Guhyasamaja, in the section related to entering into union with a consort, it is said that if the consort is an action seal, a live consort, visualizing deities on her body becomes an actual body mandala practice. But if one is entering into union with a visualized consort, it does not. (Dalai Lama XIV, The Union of Bliss and Emptiness, Snow Lion Publications, New York, 1988, p.73-74.)

From the above evidence, it is known that the essence of Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) of Tibetan “Buddhism” is only to “have sex with the female followers”.

The Dalai Lama and lamas of “Tibetan Buddhism” teach the followers to have love for all while doing the couple-practice of copulation. The love for all means that multiple couples undergo sexual intercourse at the same time; during the process, they change partners continuously and take turns having sexual intercourse with multiple partners; sometimes, there are nine females and nine lamas having sexual intercourse in turn like animal. In the Tibetan Tantric School, it is called vajra partner-changing dharma assembly. During the process, they make all the participant females achieve orgasm with happiness. In this way, the couple-practice of copulation with multiple partners is propagated. All the qualified Lamaistic gurus should practice the tantric empowerment of couple-practice of copulation. However, after such an actual practice, they will surely become the hell beings because of breaking the precepts. Therefore, the Dalai Lama’s prayer will not bring the blessings to Taiwanese people. The “Most Honorable” Tsongkhapa, a patriarch of the Gelug lineage (to which the Dalai Lama belongs), said in the Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path, Vol. 13:

Someone who ask the teacher for empowerment should make offerings first. A curtain is used as a screen. The disciple understands very well that the teacher is vajrasattva. Wisdom mothers with complete samaya, whose genitals are healthy and who are virgins over the age of 12 etc., are offered to the teacher. Just like the statement in the second chapter of Sutra on Great-Seals: “One should choose females who are most wise, virtuous, with slender eyes, having a wondrous dignified face, and aged from 12 to 16, or 20 if difficult to obtain. Females over 20 are used in other seals (mudra) because it will make all the stages of practice impossible to attain. One’s sisters, daughters, or wife are offered to the teacher.” (Tsongkhapa, Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path, translated into Chinese by dharma-masterFazun, Wondrous Favor Publishing Co., 1986, p.376)

Tsongkhapa thought the lamas should cooperate with the females to do the couple-practice of copulation (Mahayoga); after sexual intercourse, the lamas obtain the red and white bodhicitta (in fact, it is the mixture of obscene fluid from both sexes), which is used in the secret empowerment. Therefore, Tsongkhapa said:

The last secret empowerment, which is transmitted to enable the disciple to expound the sutras, means the teacher and the nine female consorts attain the state all together. (Editor’s note: namely, the lama teacher, so-called living-buddha, needs to copulate one by one with nine sexual partners, called female consorts, aged from 12 to 20; they achieve the orgasm of the fourth-joy all together and observe the Union of Bliss and Emptiness; then, the lama teacher ejaculates the semen into the vagina of each female consort one by one and collect all the fluid mixture.) The vajra (Editor’s note: the Tibetan Tantric School claims that this obscene fluid is vajra bodhicitta; they misuse the Buddhist term.) possessing the seeds (Editor’s note: the red and white bodhi, which is the obscene fluid mixture from the guru and nine female consorts, has the seeds of both sexes.) is put into the mouth of his disciple; in this way, the empowerment is performed. It is the third empowerment, or the former stage, in which the teacher and a female consort receive the wondrous joy together; then, in the latter stage, the teacher attains the state together with the nine female consorts. (Editor’s note: in the latter stage, the teacher attains the state of sexual orgasm together with the nine female consorts, which is called attaining the state together with the nine female consorts.) The wondrous joys arise from them together. (Editor’s note: namely, the lama has sex with the nine female consorts one by one and ejaculates the semen; together with the obscene fluid obtained collectively from the nine female consorts, the fluid mixture is called the nectar, which is used for the empowerment to the disciple.)… (Tsongkhapa, Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path, translated into Chinese by dharma-masterFazun, Wondrous Favor Publishing Co., 1986, p.399-400.)

The lamas try to hide the purpose of “having sex with the female followers” in all respects; they desire to keep on having sex with the beautiful young female followers in private. However, information spread widely in modern times. Many lamas have made this fact public in their teachings or books. For example, Gedün Chöpel (1905-1951), a lama of Tibetan Lamaism (Tibetan “Buddhism”) finished a book Treatise on Passion in the winter of 1938. The English version of Gedün Chöpel’s Treatise on Passion is Tibetan Arts of Love. The book talks extensively about sex love. Jeffrey Hopkins, the editor of Tibetan Arts of Love, thinks that Gedün Chöpel’s Treatise on Passion comes mainly from the world-famous Kama Sutra of India. According to a brief book description, Tibetan Arts of Love “presents in lucid detail the sixty-four arts of love, divided into eight varieties of sexual play—embracing, kissing, pinching and scratching, biting, moving to and fro and pressing, erotic noises, role reversal, and positions of love-making. …An over-arching focus is sexual ecstasy as a door to spiritual experience. …” (Retrieved from http://www.snowlionpub.com/html/product_711.html, 2009/11/7)

From Lama Gedün Chöpel’s book that teaches sex love, it has revealed that Tibetan “Buddhism” originates from the Tantrism of ancient India. Therefore, it is known that the term “love for all” frequently mentioned by the Dalai Lama and lamas of Tibetan “Buddhism” means to “frequently have the couple-practice of copulation (Mahayoga, the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) with all beautiful young female followers” . It has nothing to do with the realization of arhat fruition in which one’s self-view, self-attachment and lustful desire are eliminated. It also has nothing to do with the wisdom of realizing of one’s true mind and seeing the Buddha-nature. It is not the Buddha dharma at all.

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  1. According to tantric literature, the "mudra" (consort, or sex partner) is supposed to be at the same level of advanced training as the lama. Also according to the rules of Buddhist morality, teachers are not allowed to have sex with their students. Traditionally, the students were considered to be celibate for the period of time that they were receiving teachings from the lama. Sex with celibate people, married people, and with girls still under their parents' care are all forbidden.

    Clearly, tantric Buddhism is false Buddhism. It breaks all the moral guidelines, and is based on the belief that enlightenment can be reached by making use of lust and violence.

  2. Sexual assault is an old tradition among monks, lamas and yogis in Tibet. If the lama assaults the student, I don't think it is because he thinks she is pretending to be shy. It is because the tantric literature says it is permissible to take women by force, and this has been the custom for hundreds of years.

    A famous scholar of Tibetan Buddhism teaching in the US told his class (where I was a student) the following story:

    He had brought as immigrants to the US members of one of Tibet's royal families, including very high lamas and their community of monks. They established a monastery in their new home. One day the professor was accompanying a monk around the university, and the monk saw a student getting off a bus. He began to run after her, shouting excitedly that she was a khandroma, a type of female spirit or deity who can bring a man to enlightenment if he has sex with her. A khandroma has a special power to bestow instant enlightenment, and the monk imagined this innocent student to be such a deity. It was clear that he intended to rape her in public, in the middle of the day, to gain the benefits of intercourse with this woman whom he believed to be the khandroma-godess, or "dakini". This was the custom in Tibet--a monk could rape a woman in public with no consequence to himself at all. The professor had to run after the monk and physically restrain him from attacking the student, and explain that he could get into a lot of trouble for doing that. Afterwards, the professor explained to all the members of the newly-arrived monastic community that there were laws in the US that they had to observe, and that things were very different in the West than in Tibet.

    Sexual violence is customary in Tibetan Buddhism. This is the simple fact.

  3. There is a key issue here regarding Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism,” that its doctrine explicitly stated, “Copulation tantra is an absolute must for Tibetan Buddhist practitioners.” This evil dharma was invented by Tsongkhapa in his book of “The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra” around fourteen centuries.
    Since then all the lamas are more than willing to following their gurus’ instructions in order to obtain buddhahood in a quickest and pleasant way. Of course they have to skillfully “sugar-coat” this top secret, otherwise any person with common sense would refute this utter nonsense. Any birds and the bees can obtain buddhahood as well!
    The problem sits in the doctrine, “cultivation through sex.”
    Tibetan Tantric practitioners must have sex, that is the whole issue, and the lamas are doing their duty of practice. But they would never announce the truth to the public.
    So, how could it be orthodox Buddhism?
    Why couldn’t the public perceive the fact?

  4. "The devil (Mara) said before the Buddha's enlightenment " Good After you make your enlightenment I wear your clothes , eat your meal (and) break your Buddhist " Lamaism is this thing."

    1. You are absolutely right. The Lamaism pretends to be Buddhism; it's teachings and practices come from mix of tibetan Bön and Hindu Brahmanism. The Tibetan Buddhism is fake Buddhism; who follows him will have excellent sexual skills instead of getting enlightenment.

  5. The ultimate enlightened Buddha did foretell in the sutra that "Seven hundred years after my entering parinirvana, this Marapapiyas will spoil the true dharma. It is like a hunter donning priestly garb, Marapapiyas will also act thus. He will present his in the form of a bhiksu, bhiksuni, upasaka or upasika, or he will display himself as a srotapauna or even as an arhat or living Buddha. The flawed body of King Mara will present itself as a flawless body and damage the true dharma.”
    The Mahaparinirvana Sutra, Volume 7

    This is exactly what has happened till now. The teachings of Tantric Lamaism is definitely not that of Buddhism. Slowly but surely, with more sexual scandals committed by Tantric lamas, the public will eventually accept the fact; meanwhile, please be very careful, my fellow ladies and gentlemen, don't fall prey to the fake Buddhism.

    1. No words can be better than these. The more information about tantric sex of TB, the less women will involve in. Any other people who follow the Tibetan and Western lamas have to keep these words in their mind.

  6. i did not understand how different Tibetan Buddhism was from the original teachings until I tried to study under a lama.

    i am paraphrasing, but in the Pali Canon the Buddha says that three things are conducted in secret: wrong view, affairs with women, and the mantras of the brahmins, while the Dhamma of the Tathagata shines openly like the sun, moon and stars.
    he also encourages the student to investigate the teacher. i found none of this in Tibetan Buddhism. in fact it did not seem all that different from the Catholic faith I was raised in. that being said, i am sure there are good lamas and practitioners, and if they find peace in the Vajrayana and do no harm, so be it.

    1. You got the point - they find peace in themselves when they do harm to others, especially to women. Either do harm to others or have sex with women is far far away from the teachhing of Buddha Shakyamuni. Besides, according to precepts of Shakyamuni, a lay man should not have any consort, a monk should not have any sex.

      Stay away from lamas. A good or a bad lama will practice the tantric sex, soon or later.

  7. "...in fact it did not seem all that different from the Catholic faith I was raised in."
    In that case, why should it be called "Buddhism" at all, instead of Catholic?

    As you must be aware of the fact that the Buddha taught sentient beings the way of attaining Buddhahood, that is why His religion is called "Buddhism", and He is entitled the Unsurpassed Lord. (One of his ten titles)

    If you sense the teachings seem no different from other good-hearted religions, it cannot be a place where you can obtain true Buddhist teachings. But, of course, it all denpends on what you are looking for in Buddhism, including to have fun, to pass your leisure time, to try out new experiences or really love to learn Buddhism.

    Just a piece of info from my own experience.

  8. I have witnessed lives that were ruined because of these brainwashing philosphy that applies only for thier own purpose. all i can say that these lamas are just mere
    mother fuckers, stealing the rights of humanity for thier own purpose and monetary funds! i hope u all have karma from
    all the lives you have ruined

    1. According to lamaistic teachings, adapts have to offer their mother, sisters, wives and daughters to lama masters for tantric sex practice. The yogis have to have sex with female beings, including their mother, sisters, daughters and female animals. They steal indeed the rights of humanity for their own purpose.