Photos of Penis from Bhutan (Lamas are NOT Buddhist Monks)

© NOWnews.com April, 4, 2013

TK. comments: Buddha Shakyamuni never teaches his followers to do tantric sexual practice. No Buddhist followers achieve Buddhahood via practicing tantric sex. Therefore, Lamaism is NOT orthodox Buddhism. Anyone who is interested in Buddhist teachings has to keep FAR away from Lamas, Rinpoches, Living Buddhas, etc. They are not Buddhist monks.

Photo texts translated by TK:

(Penis painted on walls.)

(Bhutan Beauty.)

(Wall paintings which make persons blush.)

(Bhutan girls never blush for penis paintings.
They are used to the wall paintings.)

(Penis in temple.)

(Wood products of penis in Bhutan stores.)

(Bhutanese believe the flying penis will bring them good luck.)

(Wood products of penis for cars.)

(The tantric sexual practice of Lamaism is NOT Buddhist Dharma.)


  1. this orgnization in Taiwan is really hypocrate and racist

    why didn't you criticize Taoism tantric sex???

    they do have long time practice it...you saide taoism is not Buddhism..ok why you praise taoism in your blog?? at least don't advocate it..also you criticzie hindusim as I see..hindusim is hinduism and its not Buddhism

    your racism cannot be hide..propogating chinese culture and degernating tibetans..just bcz they are not like chinese...also here this is bhutan and not Tibet..so don't blame tibetan just foe the sake of blaming

  2. When did I use the term “tantric sex” to Taoism?
    When did I praise Taoism?
    When did I criticize Hinduism?
    When did I discriminate Tibetans?

    I said some Taoists practice “Yin-Yang sex” (房中術) to get their terminal purpose (train their minds to void 練神還虛).
    I said Taichichuan (太極拳) is based on Yin-Yang theory and it's a kind of Chinese cultivation.
    I said Tibetan Buddhism practices tantric sex which derives from Hinduism.
    I said the lamas practice tantric sex is NOT Buddhists.

    How deep you understand the Chinese cultivation?
    How deep you understand the Yin-Yang theory?
    How deep you understand the Taichichuan?
    How deep you understand Buddhism?

    Before you slander me in your way, you have to read more and know a little bit of Buddhism.

  3. Q1: You might don't mention tantric sex in Taoism, but it do exist..yin-yang sex is just like tantric sex

    Q2: you praised taoism in your post: Taoism VS Tibetan Buddhism

    just see the post how claim taoism is perfect, and tibetan Buddhism is rubbish and so on..please remember at least what you post

    Q3: yeah, you did criticize hindusim many time. this is your post


    I never see you talk like this for Taoism, although they do the same!!! for health porpose, advocate sex openly..if you don't care because they are not buddhist Ok, but don't advocate it!!!

    Q4: you did discriminate tibetans, by accuse whole there religion and culture as evil, inferior, and sex, and antiwomen, generalization to whole people is part of discrimination

    I don't know chinese cultivation, I am buddhist but not chinese, also its same with Yin Yang, Taichichuan, its part of chinese religion, so I don't know

    Yeah I understand Buddhism very will, and thats the reason I am here crtiticize your orgnization

    1. You said you are a Buddhist. May I ask where did/do you learn Buddhist Dharma? What you learn is Buddhism or Lamaism? I ask because it is very important for one who is interested in Buddhist teachings to distinguish Buddhism from Lamaism.

      If you are a real Buddhist, you would not ask me the 4 questions above.