True Face of the Dalai Lama: Playing around with all women in the world (4) News Reports about the Dalai Lama’s Taiwan Visit for Prayer

(September 2, 2009, News report from Page A4, China Times:
September 1, 2009, Kaohsiung / About four hundred members of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation displayed the yellow banners, protesting that the Couple-Practice Tantra propagated by the Dalai Lama is not a true Buddhist dharma. (Photograph by Zhou Minhuang))

Report 1

Dalai Lama’s Taiwan visit captures worldwide media attention. Al Jazeera: It will have a reverse effect.

September 2, Taipei, China Review News Agency, news report today: The Dalai Lama held a prayer ceremony in Kaohisung on September 1. It draws the high attention of international media, including the major media such as CNN and Al Jazeera. CNN reports that over ten thousands people attended the prayer ceremony, while Al Jazeera says in the news network that the Dalai Lama’s Taiwan visit will change the cross-strait relations.

“We first report the news from Taiwan: Over ten thousands people attended the prayer ceremony held by the Dalai Lama for the victims of Typhoon Morakot…” The Dalai Lama held a prayer ceremony in Taiwan on September 1, which has become the focus of international media. CNN has also especially reported in the Hourly News that the mainland China cancelled some of the officials' trips to Taiwan in protest at Dalai Lama's Taiwan visit.

In addition, Singapore TV also reported the Dalai Lama’s visit to Taiwan and invited a specialist in the East-Asia affairs Denny Li for comments. Denny Li expressed his views that the Dalai Lama’s visit will not have too much influence on cross-strait relations and he said, “On a long-term basis, I do not think the Dalai Lama’s visit will have any influence on cross-strait relations. I think Taiwan and some of international media all underestimated the serious concern of Beijing about cross-strait relations.”

Al Jazeera also reported the Dalai Lama’s visit to Taiwan in the news network and said the Dalai Lama’s visit will have a reverse effect on Taiwan, and mainland China has even cancelled the officials’ trip to Taiwan because of this event.

(The above information is retrieved from China Review News, 2009/10/30
http://www.chinareviewnews.com/crn-webapp/doc/docDetailCNML.jsp?coluid=7&kindid=0&docid=101065229 2009/11/08)

(The couple-practice of copulation by the lamas and the female followers is absolutely not the Buddhist practice method. The couple-practice of copulation was introduced from the Hindu Tantrisminto Lamaism, which violates the correct Buddhist doctrine and dharma-gate of practice. Tibetan “Buddhism,” led by the Dalai Lama, is only Lamaism in essence and is not Buddhism at all. Lamaistic Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) is an evil and licentious dharma that involves changing partner during the couple-practice of copulation with multiple partners as well as having sexual relationship between teacher and disciple, and it will also destroy family. It makes the Buddhist learners create a severe evil karma of adultery that breaks the precepts. While alive, a tantric female practitioner will make her husband wear a green hat. After death, she will unavoidably fall into the hell realm with immeasurable sufferings. Those Buddhists who know the truth should point out its evil and licentious nature of non-Buddhism. The non-Buddhist Lamaism should be expelled from Buddhism so that people will not become victims again.)

Report 2

Taiwanese Buddhist Research Groups: The Dalai Lama is not a messenger of peace

September 1, Taipei, China Review News Agency: On the third day in Taiwan, the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan exiled spiritual leader, held a prayer ceremony in the Kaohsiung Arena in the morning and gave a lecture in the afternoon. Both activities were met with howls of protest by the demonstrators outside the Arena. In the morning, over a hundred members of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, a Taiwanese Buddhist Research Group, gathered in front of the gate of the Kaohsiung Arena. They displayed the yellow banners and criticized that the tantric lamas sexually abuse the females, collect money by fraud, and are love swindlers; the Dalai Lama is not a messenger of peace.

Yang Shunxu, a director of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, said that the lamas who do the couple-practice of copulation only belong to Lamaism, which the Dalai Lama claims to be Tibetan Buddhism. However, Lamaism is not Buddhism at all. Yang Shunxu thinks that the evil religion is more terrible than a natural disaster; many people are ignorant of right and evil; they wrongly consider Lamaism (its lamas focusing on the couple-practice of copulation and committing adultery with other people’s wives or daughters) to be a branch school of Buddhism; some people still advertise Lamaism, misleading people and getting them into troubles.

In the news report today, Yang said, “If the Dalai Lama really cares about the victims of the disaster in Taiwan, he should help raise money in India. Since the Dalai Lama did not help raise money for the victims of the disaster, I request that the money raised from the prayer meeting should be given to the victims of the disaster but not brought back to India. This will be the true prayer for Taiwan.”
(The above news information is retrieved from China Review News, 2009/10/30.
http://cn.chinareviewnews.com/crn-webapp/doc/docDetailCNML.jsp?coluid=7&kindid=0&docid=101064746 2009/11/08)

Report 3

Protests Outside

The Dalai Lama has met with protests in different names since his arrival in Taiwan three days ago.

After a strong protest from an anti-independence and pro-reunification group on the first day of his arrival and a protest from more than ten alleged victims of the disaster outside the hotel yesterday, the Dalai Lama met with the protest again from a group of people in the name of religion on Tuesday.

While the Dalai Lama was holding a prayer ceremony for the victims of typhoon disaster in the Kaohsiung Arena this morning, these protesters displayed the banners saying that the Dalai Lama belongs to Lamaism but not Buddhism. Sun Zhengde, who staged this protest, said to BBC Chinese.com that there were three hundred protesters.

They handed out the anti-Dalai leaflets to the audience of the prayer meeting outside the Arena. Some participants in the prayer meeting criticized that they were incited by communist China or Kuomintang (KMT). Sun Zhengde negated that their protest was incited by any political party.

In response to the Dalai Lama’s visit, Ye Xiaowen, head of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, China, currently visiting Taiwan, said that a foreign monk would not necessarily do a better job of praying. Lin Baohua, a commentator, pointed out that such a statement from Ye was to provoke people into a fight.

Sun Zhengde said, although her Buddhist community made a donation to the State Administration for Religious Affairs shortly after the Sichuan earthquake, they did not have any contact with Ye Xiaowen. She also claimed that their protest was not staged in response to Ye Xiaowen’s statement.
(The above information is retrieved from BBC Chinese.com 2009/09/01,news report from Kaohsiung by a stringer in Taiwan.)
(Information source: DuoWei News

- Published by True Enlightenment Education Foundation -

(The reason why the lamas have been frequently involved in sex scandals is that the doctrinal essence of “Tibetan Buddhism” is about using copulation as its practice method, in the dignified name of Couple-Practice Tantra of Mahayoga.)

(The totem of sex and reproduction worship (the sexual organs of both sexes), publicly standing in front of a tantric temple of Tibetan “Buddhism” , shows that the Tibetan Tantric School always preaches the Couple-Practice Tantra, which comes from the Hinduism and pursues the obscene happiness of copulation. The pictures are retrieved from the website: http://www.xzta.gov.cn/rwxz/zjw)

(The totem of sex and reproduction worship (the sexual organs of both sexes), publicly standing in front of a tantric temple of Tibetan “Buddhism” , shows that the Tibetan Tantric School always preaches the Couple-Practice Tantra, which comes from the Hinduism and pursues the obscene happiness of copulation. The pictures are retrieved from the website: http://www.xzta.gov.cn/rwxz/zjw)

(This is the couple-body “buddha statue” of Tibetan “Buddhism” in standing posture. The tantric lamas or rinpoches are privately doing the couple-practice of Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) with your wife like this.)

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  1. This sounds like Chinese propaganda. You have not included any explanation cited by a practitioner. Lama Thubten Yeshe, for example, explained the meaning of the sexual positions in Tibetan Buddhist Iconography--They are not sexual representations. They represent wisdom and compassion. Check up, investigate for yourself. However it looks like you have already made up your mind without investigating.

  2. I'm an European and I'm a victim of tantric rituals. Not long ago I read a very right sentence: We are allowed to criticize both, China AND the Dalai Lama. You have not got to decide one way or the other, black or white, beautiful or ugly. Till today I don't suffer from China, but I suffer from tantric rituals and so it is more than urgent to criticize them. It is important that the women who are maltreated by Lamas, Gurus, Rinpoches or other Tantra Masters tell the world what happenend to them and describe the consequences of these terrible tortures. All these nice theoretical things - I know, they describe that it is all imagination, no more - the Tibetan and other clergy tell us is only half the truth of Tibetan Buddhism and other tantric practitioners. The complete truth only know some scientists and the women who feel day after day the physical and mental maltreatments. ONLY THESE WOMEN KNOW AND CAN TELL about the sexual and mental abuse and its reality in a community which is called a "religion" world wide.

  3. Well said, Severitas, thank you very much! Your words are so powerful that the followers of tantric Buddhism must keep in mind. The followers never believe that the essence of Tibetan Buddhism is tantric practices and always say all these are Chinese propaganda. How sad!!

    It is not easy to make the followers to recognize the true face of Lamaism. But I will step forward. Thanks for your comment again. It is very great of you!

  4. The devil said before the Buddha's enlightenment " Good After you make your enlightenment I wear your clothes , eat your meal (and) break your Buddhist " Lamaism is this thing.

  5. Indeed, very well said.
    The Great Nirvana Sutra volume 7
    "The Buddha told Kasyapa (迦葉): Seven hundreds years after my entering nirvana, Papiyan, the deva-mara, will gradually destroy my true Dharma. Just like a hunter clothed in monastic robe, so as that of Papiyan who will manifest himself as various images of a Buddhist monk, a Buddhist nun, a male Buddhist layman and a female Buddhist laywoman, or further manifest himself as a srotaapanna, or even an arhat or a physical body “Buddha.” Deva-mara will destroy my true Dharma through utilizing the flawed forms to replace the flawless Dharmakaya."

    Now we are witnessing the true happening!

  6. Now we are witnessing the true happening, but we will try our best to protect the true Dharma to live forward and to benefit people.

    Your quote is worthy to read, and thanks a lot.

  7. Lama Yeshe also said that in order to reach enlightenment, sex with a consort is necessary. It doesn't matter what high philosophical and symbolic meanings you give to tantric sex. The fact remains that teachers rape or abuse students in order to use them as "consorts" for their sexual yoga practice. This is criminal activity, and demonstrates that Tibetan Buddhism is not about compassion, it's about abuse.

  8. hahahahaha!! "This sounds like Chinese propaganda." That's funny! Accusing a Taiwanese organization of being an agent of Beijing! Wow, somebody's really confused here! ^_^

  9. Tibetan Tantrism is not Buddhism at all.

    I do feel so sad, seeing the use of wording Tibetan "Buddhism." The general public have been misled for such a long time already.

    It's very brave of anyone who is willing to step forward and speak out the truth. We are obliged to tell the true colors of lamas to warn others.

  10. The three comments above are quite clear to make readers realize that the truth of Tibetan Buddhism. Thanks for your words.