Sexual assault is an old tradition among monks, lamas and yogis in Tibet

© Anonymous comments to “True Face of the Dalai Lama: Playing around with all women in the world (3) The true facts of the Couple-Practice Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism”, July 9, 2011

Sexual assault is an old tradition among monks, lamas and yogis in Tibet. If the lama assaults the student, I don't think it is because he thinks she is pretending to be shy. It is because the tantric literature says it is permissible to take women by force, and this has been the custom for hundreds of years.

A famous scholar of Tibetan Buddhism teaching in the US told his class (where I was a student) the following story: He had brought as immigrants to the US members of one of Tibet's royal families, including very high lamas and their community of monks. They established a monastery in their new home. One day the professor was accompanying a monk around the university, and the monk saw a student getting off a bus. He began to run after her, shouting excitedly that she was a khandroma, a type of female spirit or deity who can bring a man to enlightenment if he has sex with her. A khandroma has a special power to bestow instant enlightenment, and the monk imagined this innocent student to be such a deity. It was clear that he intended to rape her in public, in the middle of the day, to gain the benefits of intercourse with this woman whom he believed to be the khandroma-godess, or "dakini". This was the custom in Tibet-- a monk could rape a woman in public with no consequence to himself at all. The professor had to run after the monk and physically restrain him from attacking the student, and explain that he could get into a lot of trouble for doing that. Afterwards, the professor explained to all the members of the newly-arrived monastic community that there were laws in the US that they had to observe, and that things were very different in the West than in Tibet. Sexual violence is customary in Tibetan Buddhism. This is the simple fact.

There is a key issue here regarding Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism,” that its doctrine explicitly stated, “Copulation tantra is an absolute must for Tibetan Buddhist practitioners.” This evil dharma was invented by Tsongkhapa in his book of “The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra” around fourteen centuries. Since then all the lamas are more than willing to following their gurus’ instructions in order to obtain buddhahood in a quickest and pleasant way. Of course they have to skillfully “sugar-coat” this top secret, otherwise any person with common sense would refute this utter nonsense. Any birds and the bees can obtain buddhahood as well! The problem sits in the doctrine, “cultivation through sex.” Tibetan Tantric practitioners must have sex, that is the whole issue, and the lamas are doing their duty of practice. But they would never announce the truth to the public. So, how could it be orthodox Buddhism? Why couldn’t the public perceive the fact?


  1. Actually, it was Padmasambhava who first brought sexual tantra to Tibet in the early 700's, long before Tsongkhapa. Padmasambhava came from Oddiyana in India, where tantric practice, including black magic, was extremely popular. With him he brought two wives, and after using his black magic to subdue Tibet's evil deities and turn them into protectors of Buddhism, the King gave Padmasambhava one of his own wives, Yeshe Tsogyal, as a gift . She practiced sexual tantra with Padmasambhava and became a tantrika in her own right. Padmasambhava sent her to a 16-year old boy to practice tantra with him, and later sent her to many other "consorts". As a result of her practice, she reached enlightenment. Padmasambhava himself had many consorts. This is how tantric "couple practice" was introduced to Tibet.

  2. Tibet Buddhism should revert to Hinduism. It's the norm there.

    1. Tibet Buddhism has to revert to Hinduism.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I had no idea that Tibetan ( Lamaism) Buddhism practiced the various forms of sexual tantric yoga. I was not aware that the ulmate goal to perform sexual rites or tantra sexual practices to achieve enlightment. That is what Padmasambhava advocated/practiced when he arrived from northern India in the 8th century to Tibet with 2 female consorts. The king, Tseng Datsun, allowed a member of his court, Yeshe Tsogyal to practice and learn this technique of sexual tantric yoga. Padmasambhava may have used this system to placate the Bon religion to bring Buddhism to Tibet, but would Buddha have resorted to such a compromise?

  4. Sounds like Tibet is still practicing the Bon religion with a little Buddhism for outer show. All four sects except for the fifth called Jonang Sect practice sexual tantric rites.