Lamas’ propagation and practice are always popular due to its superb publicity

© Anonymous comments to “Am I in a Tantric Teaching?”, August 10, 2011

Lamas’ propagation and practice are always popular due to its superb publicity and the content that suit well with humans’ need in this Desire Realm. Lamas, of course, can have their own ways and skills to act as spiritual mentors to guide their followers; but they should not beguile the masses under the guise of Buddhism, many followers would join them because of the name “Buddhism.” Worst of all, what they have taught really have nothing to do with Buddhism, yet the whole world is convinced that Tibetan Tantrism is Buddhism!

Any true Buddhist understands the law of cause-and-effect and its severe consequences, which are not merely limited to this current life, those erroneous seeds of knowledge regarding Buddhism would be stored in everyone’s Alaya vijnana and last till many future lives to come. In comparison with so many uncountable outsiders, apparently, we were involved with lamas in our past lives already, like the innocent masses attracted by the lamas’ gathering nowadays; fortunately, we are able to see through lamas’ true color and break free from them. What we are undertaking is of vital importance to ourselves as well. By repeatedly strengthening our knowledge to the fact that Lamaism or the couple-practice of copulation is definitely not Buddhism, then we would have the correct seeds of knowledge firmly stored in our Alaya vijnana, thereby we would never be deceived by such teachings in our future lives to come; similarly, we would be able to step forward and warn the public about the fact again and again. This sort of deed is truly actualizing the Buddhahood-Way, and we can indeed be called Buddhist bodhisattvas.

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