The “Mind” Is As an Empty Realm -- From Alayavijnana Arises Everything

The “mind” is as an empty realm and also as a variable dharma, from which everything arises. Any appearance is not its appearance. It functions with the essence of nirvana and appears as the empty space.

The Flower Ganland Sutra, Vol. 5



  1. The sutra says mind not alayavijnana. Read carefully.

    1. Languages and terms were created for human communicattions.

      The "true mind 真心" is the Alayavijnana;
      it is without any form or appearance, so it is described as "the infinite space 猶如虛空."

      Here, the "mind" refers to the true mind, Alayavijnana. Is this statement more satisfactory to you? Or would you like to discuss more? Thank you.