The Perceiving Mind Certainly Can Not Be True Mind

The thoughtless and pristine perceiving mind is just the consciousness included in the consciousness skandha. Although this mind is away from the language and words, it still senses suffering and happiness as well as truth and falsity based on its mental functionality, included in the Six Consciousness Skandhas. The perceiving mind certainly can not be true mind which is everlasting and inextinguishable and is away from the suffering and happiness, nor can it stay in the nirvana state devoid of six sense-objects because the six consciousness minds included in the consciousness skandha, regardless of being either thoughtful or thoughtless, stem from the thus-come-store in the matching condition of mind root and mental object.

--The Correct Meanings of “The Agama Sutra”, Vol. 2

-- Pings Xiao, The Correct Meanings of “The Agama Sutras”, Vol. 2, True Wisdom Publisher, Taipei, 2006/11/01

離念靈知心正是識陰所攝的識,意識覺知心雖離語言文字,仍能以其心所法來了別苦樂及是非,都不出於識陰六識之外。這當然不可能是常住不滅而離苦樂的真實心、實相心,不可能存在於離六塵的涅槃境界中; 也因為識陰所攝的六識心,不論是有念或離念,都是意、法為緣而從如來藏中出生的緣故。

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