Must first realize the Tathagatagarbha, then can truly have deep faith in the Three Jewels

To tame one’s conscious mind and Manas in complete accordance with the dharma-nature of True Suchness, one must personally realize the Tathagatagarbha before one can convert to the straight mind. The conscious mind or the Manas can never be the straight mind due to their crooked nature. Only can Tathagatagarbha be straight-minded from endless eons in the past until Buddhahood, and ever after. To behave like the straight mind, sentient beings must first realize the Tathagatagarbha, and then directly witness that it has always been straight-minded since eons without a beginning and even after eons without an end. Only this way can sentient beings truly convert to the straight mind and behave accordingly. Then, sentient beings can truly have deep faith in the Three Jewels. Otherwise, how could they be fully convinced that the Three Jewels do have infinite merits and virtues? Thus, it is indeed not easy to have the deep faith and its prerequisite is to realize the Tathagatagarbha.

A Discourse on the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra, Vol. 1
In: Electronic News of True Enlightenment, No. 86


  1. Hence, the Tathagata immediately says in verse: All formations are impermanent and belong to the dharma of arising and ceasing; after the extinction of all that arises and ceases, the cessation shall bring a state of bliss. Having stated the verse, the Tathagata then tells all bhiksus, “You should know that all formations are truly impermanent. Although now I belong to the vajra entity, unavoidably my physical body is still impermanent and subject to change. It is extremely dreadful to be in the cycle of births and deaths; you should practice diligently with a view to getting away from this fiery pit of births and deaths as soon as possible. This is the last instruction of mine.” - The Great Nirvana Sutra, Vol. 3

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