What is Buddha Dharma? - Tantric Sexual Practices? (With Short Film “Bus 44”)

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK4TUP0VKLY )

To reveal the truth of lamaistic tantric sex is also like this.
How danger it is, how brave and courageous a Bodhisatta is.
Yes, it’s important to guard our lives.
But a person with compassion will risk his life to guard others.

What is Buddha Dharma?
Enlightenment with women in bed? Tantric sexual practices?
Buddha Shakyamuni never teaches his followers those things.

A real Bodhisattva is willing to speak out the truth of Lamaism,
since Buddha Shakyamuni never teaches tantric sexual practices,
since the tantric sexual practices endanger women in the world.

It’ s a hard work,
but the Bodhisattvas keep their steps forward.

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