Tibetan Buddhism, the Cesspool of Buddhism

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Tibetan Buddhism, the Cesspool of Buddhism

Many skeptic readers are familiar with Pen & Tellers BS series. In one show they challenged and explored the "Free Tibet" movement. What we find out is that Tibet was basically a feudal theocracy type government where the Lamas ruled as religious kings. They owned slaves, and the majority of the population lived in poverty in subjugation to the religious hierarchy. It wasn't some mystical Buddhist paradise as New Agers like to believe and promote as they jump on board with the Free Tibet movement, where money collected goes to support religious fundamentalist revolutionary groups that are looking to reinstate the old theocratic feudal system.

The Lamas were booted out after the Chinese incorporated Tibet. This is commonly painted as a tragedy against peaceful Buddhists that just want to meditate and practice their faith. In actuality, we find that the Chinese made a secular education system available to the masses. The average Tibetan was then able to learn to read and write and learn trade skills, creating independence where they no longer had to live as serfs. They also brought electricity, plumbing, and sanitation. (Think of the Monty Python skit "What have the Romans done for us?")

For the average Tibetan, life was improved. Sure Communism isn't the best system in the world. But it sure as heck is an upgrade from feudalism. And it's actually very unlikely that the population would support violent revolution against the Chinese to reinstate the Lamas. Why would they want to go back to that? Money channeled into this movement is only benefiting those collecting it, and getting a handful of religious fundamentalist revolutionaries and innocent people caught in the crossfire killed.

Bringing this back to the topic here -- Buddhist theocracies are just as corrupt as any other theocracy. Bhutan, which is a current Buddhist theocracy, was spoken of in the YouTube commentary piece that was posted starting the Buddhist thread in the section here. This Buddhist Shangri-La is anything but, and terribly repressive rivaling strict Muslim cultures.

Sexual abuse runs rampant in these types of environments. And considering that Buddhism traditionally devalues women as dirty things distracting practitioners from their impossible attempts to internally commit suicide (kill their egos), this creates a particularly unhealthy environment for women. And as we can see from the quotes above in the topic starting post here, female children are even abused with scriptural support.

Buddhism is a particularly dark religion, encouraging internal warfare against one's very self which is painted as "illusory", and encouraging one to view the world as a dirty obstacle in the way of their suicidal heaven they call enlightenment (which like Christian heaven is fictitious). Buddhism is a dance macabre, a celebration of death and horror, where anywhere it can manage to parasitically host itself, turns into a festering cesspit.

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Great Penn & Tellers Video:

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